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Shot the XCR till it was crying.

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1k rounds not a single misfire . We hammered it and the Bushy all day ,it was like they were brothers. In my XCR i fired cheap stuff ,wolf stuff ,and reloads . People liked the ,Troy sights better than the Eotech 552. the Bushy has a CQT ,it seems to be a better sight for long range .Question , Terra . Upon cleaning the XCR i noticed the pin on the Bolt release was bent up a tiny bit ,nothing a leatherman tool couldn't correct .What did i do ? I didn't slam in a mag ,i didn't put in a mag without the bolt open . I am thinking on the reloads i may need to seat my bullets deeper ? is it possible they are to long and one of them caught on this pin ? It never kept the gun from working great but i know the pin shouldn't be bent.
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are you talking about this little guy?

We've only had one, maybe two cases where the pin in the BHO shaft was bent... the one case that I know of was a guy who admitted he was jamming his magazines in fairly hard. I don't think this is the case with you, but that's one thing that can cause it.

Also... on the side of the magazine there's a "bump". If that bump is a little too worn down, the magazine can sometimes push up past the mag arm. This could also cause the pin to bend some. Usually the rails would stop it from going up too far, but there may be a marginal space wherein it can bend the pin.

That's really all I can think of. If you'd like, I will mail you a new pin. Check your magazine first, though. We need to figure out the problem before we end up bending another one.
Also, the pin... Is it black or silver?
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