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I just completed this course, and highly recommend it to anyone who owns a SIG pistol.

For anyone interested:


Although this aspect is nothing new to anyone who has taken an armorers course in the past, what the course description doesn't tell you is that after you've completed the written test on Day 2 - each class participant (there were 25 in my class) takes (in this class) a SIG P229 DAK 9MM - COMPLETELY APART and strips every piece/part/spring/screw from the slide and frame - and the parts get placed into a box.

All you keep out is a bare frame and slide... (and by bare, I mean the only thing not removed are the sights)

Then your final test is to retreive the parts needed from the box and reassemble. There are no time constraints, and no prize for being first. I did mine in 20 minutes, and there were a couple guys a few minutes ahead of me. The fastest guy (he was a re-cert) put his together in just under 10 minutes.

The instructor then performs a comprehensive (dry fire) function test of the pistol, and THAT is how you pass the course.

It was fun, informative, and has helped me to have a better understanding of the SIG pistol line.

Next to practical / tactical weapons training - this is good stuff. :2cents:
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