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Sig Sauer P220 Stainless Elite Range Report

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I took my new P220 Stainless Elite to the range for the first time last weekend and, what can I say but...... :eek: Wow!

It has taken over as my favorite pistol, or at least even favorite with my Kimber CDP Ultra.

I didn't have allot of time, and only about 100 rounds, but can I say after putting 30 rounds though the same hole which formed in the paper measuring around 2" I stopped and thought! Wow! What a gun, and what a trigger.

If any of you haven't experienced the new Sig Sauer "Short Reset Trigger" it's a must. I handed the pistol off to my friend and customer '1redgmc' and basically he did the same as me. Well not quite the same, but I will put that down to luck on my part! ;)

I am so impressed I am now looking at a P229, Elite to add to my collection.
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Oh yes, it is a sweet shooter. My group wasn't as tight as Aussie's... but then again - I'm not a combat shooter like he is. It was awesome, because we set up a couple Q-B27's and his FIRST ROUND out of the 220 was an X ring bullseye. If I hadn't been standing there - I would have said it was B.S.

Aussie handed over his new prize, with a 10 round mag and I gave it a go. My group was somewhat more dispersed, with two or three flyers (maybe it was the excitement?) but still, I have a similar ragged / large hole in the head of Mr. Q-B27...

It was 18 rounds of pure Sig bliss...

Aussie even cut his target center out to take with him...

Hell, he even held a nice group with my USP 45...

It's no wonder the bear lost that battle!
Thak You All! I like it! ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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