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Sightly different scope questions

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I have a friend with a brand new Remington 700 Elk rifle and I'm trying to help him decide on a scope for it.

Since I bought an ACOG for my XCR, I've fallen in love with both illuminated reticules and the Bindon Aiming Concept. I've even though about putting the ACOG on my hunting rifle. The difficulty in doing that, of course, would be the mounts. Enter the hunting version of the BAC concept from Trijicon, Leopold and others.

We live in Colorado and Elk shots typically can be as close as 50yds to over 300 yds - I once witnessed a Bull Elk taken at a measured (laser rangefinder) 435 yds under very special circumstances. So were thinking something in the 2-7, 3-9, or 4-12 range with an illuminated reticle. Unfortunately, my friend is like me, with champaign tastes on a beer budget.

Here's the question, what's a good value in an illuminated reticle scope that would survive on a Remington 700 - 300 Win Mag?
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