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Size of Robinson Arms?

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Hi, new here. First post.

I am really thinking hard about getting an XCR or two (perhaps one in 5.56 and one in 6.8).

I am wondering about RA in general - mostly will they be around for support 20 years from now?

I saw the BATF production figures for 2006 and if I read correctly, production was something in the 600 range.

So my questions are, how big is RA? How many employees? Fulltime business? Sole proprietership? Approximate current production volume? Anything interesting about company and its future in general?

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Small is the answer...

And they've been around for 10+ years. Worry less, buy more
They are small but Alex has been around for a while. He is in it for the long haul.

You wont be sorry you bought.
I wouldn't say that just because a business is big means it will always be around. Look at Enron.

Existing companies discontinue products all the time.

RA's been around for a while, and the XCR looks to be a lot more popular than their previous rifles.
Heck, look at Colt.

Try and order anything for an AR from them.
I remember reading about RA years ago in a magazine. It's seems like it's taking some time for new developments, but that's good for now. He's R&D-ing at his own pace. Glad to see he's in it for the long haul. If he ever offers stock, I'd buy it.


If you have an XCR, enjoy it. I just got my first, and I almost bought another last week.
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