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So sorry guys...

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Our phones and internet are STILL down. We were using cell phones today to make communications, and piggybacking internet off of Alex's phone to process shipments. I have just been so busy I haven't had time to check things on here on my home time, either. Mountains of laundry, unfinished walls, and other various things have consumed all my time.

I am so sorry! We should have SOME sort of communication available soon, so please, hold in there. :-[

***until then, you can contact me at [email protected]. I can check that email here at home.
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That Sux Bad....

Tomorrow is the Primary in MD and 80% 0f the ballot is Bullshit... everyone Fu#@%6 Quit !!

At Least I still have my good looks and winning personality ;D
Terra, Any word on when the 6.5 Kits will ship? ??? ??? ???
still a little ways out, jack. you know how these things go. ::) :p All the components are being made by the vendors. Depending on how fast they work is how fast the kits will start shipping. Can take a few months for barrels to be done, so... anywhere from a month or two. Hold out... you'll have it soon. :)
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