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Socom M4 Stock

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I ran across this while googling M4 style stocks... I really like it... only in black, obviously.

Socom M4 Stock

This is the strongest production AR15/M16 stock available! Approximately 6 times stronger than an A-15 A2 stock & receiver extension tube. Ideal for CQB or breaching doors, and without the fear of bending the receiver extension tube (which disables the rifle). Adjustable length of pull, adjusts from 7.5" to 9.5" in five 1/2" increments. The AP4 SOCOM comes with extra hardware so that it can be set up as a push button quick adjustable stock for "pre-ban" or "exempt" use; or as an adjustable stock for post ban use! (AP4 SOCOM has not been approved by the BATF for post ban use). Closed-cell foam overtube provides an extremely comfortable cheek weld. This stock mounts "rock solid' to the rifle with no movement making it an ideal stock for precision shooting as well. Ambi-sling mount / gusset reinforces the receiver extension tube at its weakest point- just behind the receiver. Four 1.5" totally quiet and fail safe machined in sling-slots allows optimum sling mount flexibility. With the 1.0" pad it is also ideal for use with .50 BMG AR uppers. Comes with your choice of 1.0" or .5" recoil pads. Uses carbine length buffer and spring (not included). L.O.P. fully collapsed 11.0 " and fully extended 13.0" without recoil pad. Weight: 460g (16.5 oz)

Hey Roy... you should photoshop an XCR and make it gray.. .that might be cool. :) :p
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That is the one I was asking about in my thread. I am thinking it would be the one collapsing stock that would not interfere with the mag release and BHO when folded. I was tempted to order one myself. However, after measuring the existing folder I determined that the SOCOM on the folding adapter only works to add LOP relative to the folder that comes with the XCR. For me the existing LOP is perfect for general purpose duty but I would like some thing a bit shorter sometimes. Right now I have a Duostock on the XCR and when closed it cuts about 1.5" off the LOP (I did cut 5/8" off the buffer tube however). The problem I have with the Duostock and every other collapsing stock is that it interferes with the controls when folded. Terra, how is that SCAR style stock coming?
I just ordered the M4 Socom. When I get it on I will have pics and more info on it.
I'm not sure what the status of the SCAR style stock is. I will have to ask Alex when he comes back next week.

JB- that would be great! I'd love to see this on one!
Terra, the SOCOM stock has always been one of my favs.

I hope to have one mounted on another SBR (Kel-Tec PLR-16) soon.

Depending on how much I like it, I may add it to the XCR as well. 8)
These stock actually come in two LOP to suit shorter and longer arms ;D

I just quoted on one, and they are quite nice.
Kel-Tec is coming out with a new pistol grip/folding stock attachment for the SU-16 rifles, which are Identical to the PLR-16.

I intend to use the stock on my PLR-16 and SBR it! I'm hoping to be able to use the short SOCOM stock with the thick butt pad.

Should make for a mean little SBR. >:D


New Kel-Tec Stock:

New Stock on SU-16C rifle:

The pictured version is fixed, but I plan on using a folding block with the SOCOM stock if it'll work. 8)
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Cool looking Kel-Tec!

Those stocks, are they quick adjusting or do you need a tool?
The actual stock in the picture is not Kel-Tec. Don't know how it adjusts. Only the stock adapter/attachment part. The stock is DPMS? or some other. Kel-Tec is working on a thinner, lighter stock to use, but I have always wanted a SOCOM. Don't know if it will work or be compatable with this setup, but I'm gonna try one. ;D
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