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SOLD***WTS: XCR-L w/ Extras***SOLD

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SOLD TO slvr surfr

Haven't even finshed break-in period yet...probably 150 rounds of the 300 fired through her.


XCR-L Rifle w/ 16" Light Barrel & Folding Stock
Troy Ind. Muzzle Brake
MagPul Miad Grip w/ inserts
MagPul Enhanced Trigger Guard
MagPul XT Rail Panels
RobArms M4 Stock Adaptor w/ Vltor Tube
Six (6) H&K High Reliability Mags (Gen II) w/ MagPuls
Original Clam Shell Case w/ Operators Manual


$1550 shipped to your FFL

Will sell minus the H&K mags for $1400 shipped

Will sell minus the H&K mags and M4 adaptor w/ Vltor tube for $1300 shipped
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Re: WTS: XCR-L w/ Extras

Does it have the new tuneable gas block ? How old is it ?

Re: WTS: XCR-L w/ Extras

No...old gas system. Purchased in May of '07. Like post states...barely shot, about half way through the 300 round break-in. It's been a fantastic rifle for what little I've shot it, just need the $$$ for another rifle project right now. I'll certainly buy another XCR down the road...I'm about to start a new job with a Class-3 dealer, and will probably order a factory direct SBR when the times comes.
Re: WTS: XCR-L w/ Extras

PM sent.
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