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Hopefully Terra will see this and reply.

I've tried contacting Robarm 2X by the sales email address and once by FAX. No response received to my inquiry for ordering a spare parts kit for my XCR (5.56 and 7.62). It is not a super critical issue, I would just like to get in the pipeline for system spares. Any assistance by Robarms is appreciated.

Here is the original note sent:

I've recently (December 08) placed an order for an XCR 5.56 through Roy/Aussie Arm, (already have a 7.62 conversion kit). I would like to go ahead and order this set of spare parts from you. I'm not quite sure the best way to do that. Here is a forum topic I've found with a convenient and comprehensive list:


Firing pin - 11.99
Firing pin spring - 1.00
Extractor cone - 4.00
Extractor spring - 1.00
Firing pin roll pin - .50
BHO Shaft - 5.98
BHO pin - 1.00
C Clip - 5.00
Ejector - 5.99
Ejector Screws (2) - 2.00
Hammer Axis pin - 6.99
Cotter pin - .50
Hammer spring - 3.00
Ejector washers (2) - .40
Main pin - 4.00
Recoil buffer - 5.00
Trigger axis pin - 3.99
Trigger spring - 3.00
+$10 Shipping

$75.34 Total

This list looks great, I've got a couple of questions:

1. Can I call and place this parts order by phone and use credit card? Or have someone call me (303-731-6645)?

2. Are there different, additional parts that you suggest for the 7.62 conversion? Can you add them to the above parts order?

3. Can I modify the above list to include three (3) firing pins instead of just one?

Thanks a lot, let me know how to complete this order.


That's it. Thanks for any assistance,

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