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I have been eyeballing some of thier stuff to sell at gunshows. The price point is attractive and should sell well.

I'm curious if this stuff is "good enough" for most civilian uses or maybe better or worse.

I need to find out if I can sell better gear at the show, so I'm starting off with this type stuff then might offer some better quality gear in smaller quantities. I find it's good to offer some choices for folks to see. Some good and some adequate. they can then choose which is most appropriate for them.

If they see two choices they may be induced to buy one when they may not have bought at all or to upgrade were they inclined to buy cheap.

any expereince you may have with selling gear at gunshows AND/OR with Specter gear directly would be of great help


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I have two of the Specter Brand, Tactical Thigh Holster rigs, and my only comment (certainly not negative) is that they are extremely stiff and require what seems (to me) to be an extended time for proper break-in. I found the best way to shorten the break-in period was to wear the rig around the house and yard while doing regular chores. Please note that this sometimes draws strange looks from neighbors and the mailman. ;D

Oh, in comparison to the Blackhawk products I have - the Specter rig is a good value for the money and overall quality is excellent.

If I had any recommendation Jack - it would be to have the variety of available colors on hand for your customers. I ended up buying both black and desert (coyote) tan. :2cents:

Good luck and let us know how it goes!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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