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Stock question

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Can the xcr accept any other stocks than the 4 available from ra? Such as the magpul stocks?
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If you look in the gallery forum will will see several rifle with the Magpul stocks, all stocks that work on AR can be attached to the XCR.
I've got the CTR and really love it. I'll try to post some pics. I can't wait to see a UBR on an XCR.
Kinda rhimes too.... ;D
I was hoping the prs would fit, does the ubr have a cheek weld deal that raises up similar to the prs?
The PRS would fit but I would think it would be way too long. The UBR doesn't have a riser but the ones for the CTR apparently fit pretty well, according to magpul.
On stocks, there's a kind of paradox I can't explain.

I took some dial calipers and measured from the comb of the stock to the middle of the rear sight aperture on an AR15A2.

Then I took the dial calipers and measured from the comb of the stock to the middle of the Aimpoint on the XCR.

Both the XCR and the AR15A2 have fixed stocks, so we're comparing apples to oranges. The XCR uses the M4 fixed stock adapter.

What I noticed is that the AR15A2 measurement is just a touch more than a quarter inch lower than the XCR measurement. Add to that the fact that my Aimpoint mount is the LaRue shorty CCO (not the full 1.410" like you'd run on a flat-top AR) and it's even more interesting.

The paradox comes in that the XCR actually comes up more 'centered' for me. When I pivot the XCR up, the dot is centered in the Aimpoint just right for snap shots. Why? I have no idea. As well, I thought that going from the XCR factory tubular folding stock to the fixed AR stock would raise my cheek somewhat - and it did appear to do so! But it didn't change anything as far as how the Aimpoint comes up to my eye.

Why? I have no idea. Must be a paradox, eh?
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Sounds like to me you have one sorted out, good pointing, weapon system there. They can be hard to come by.
Thanks for the info guys, now just to buy one ;D
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