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Sub Sonic Ammo?

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If I put a supressor on a 7.62X39 mm XCR with a 12" barrel, and then hand loaded sub-sonic ammunition, would the gun still cycle correctly?
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Obviously he can't shoot it yet... I wish he could cause that would mean I'd have my x39 conversion too :D

If any rifle platform is gonna be able to be run suppressed with subsonics, the xcr and its adjustable gas system is the one to do it.
with the extra back pressure of the can and the wide open gas position i wouldn't think there would be a problem. it's my understanding that a suppressor ADDS backpressure and thus needs less gas to run a standard loading
Yep, it works just like a muffler on your car... quiets it down, and adds backpressure. :)

Whether it adds enough to cycle subsonic ammo, I don't know.
I'd like to get a followup from robarm or anyone that's tried this on the .223...

we know ar's won't cycle for beans with subsonics, can the xcr's gas be cranked up and cycle them?
I hope to find out very soon. Do you know any source for sub-sonic ammo, or do you have to reload them? I will keep you posted.
oh I didn't even see you replied aussie... the only subsonic ammo I've seen sold is the 'extremshock' crap. I'm pretty sure it's more of an area for reloading.
I wouldn't want it to start tumbling before it leaves the can! OMG! Stuff nightmares are made of!
Aussie be careful when using subsonic i have had 3 yes 3 squibbed barrels from using engle ballistics ammo in my Ar's i wont use it again i even gave 200 rounds away . The last time i went to a event set i up 10 lbs of tannerite, pulled out my SPR i went to show a fellow how quite it was. That was it ! first round squibbed screwed up the whole day. I'm all the way up in SC with no more center fire rifles just pistol cal sub guns the tannerite is still there :duh: if you don't have a spotter confirm the round left the barrel check ! it cost me 250 to save a $400 barrel at Cole's gunsmith last month
Rumor is they (Robarm) are making a 300 whisper which is just like a subsonic AK. Shooting any corrosive ammo in a can would be trouble... 300 whisper is the way to go.
In my experience if you're looking at sub-sonic ammo, stay with the pistol calibers as thay are better performers at that low velocity. What would you rather be hit by, 180 - 200 grains of .40/.45 travelling at 1100 fps, or 120 grains or whatever travelling at 1100 fps? Depending on humidity etc... 1130 fps is the speed of sound at sea level. At that speed a pistol hollowpoint will function, a rifle round will simply drill a hole and not do much else.
Think I like Majics idea.... a .22LR conversion. Like clapping your hands....... only quieter. :2cents:
I think .22 will happen, right after they get the new stock done, get 6.5 and x39, the XCR-M, the trigger, and of course the PDW. From talking to Alex the other day the XCR-m shouldn't take too long once they get it started as most parts are common between it and the -L. At least that is what I took from the conversation.

I find more and more people wanting to shoot .22 as the cost of ammo continues to rise. I already have 1 .22 can and will get another one, they are just too fun to shoot.
Rumor is they (Robarm) are making a 300 whisper which is just like a subsonic AK. Shooting any corrosive ammo in a can would be trouble... 300 whisper is the way to go.
^^^^^^^PLEASE tell me this is true ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
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