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Suppressed Handguns

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Hey guys, lets share some experience had with some suppressed handguns.

The walther P22 uses an adapter to replace the barrel nut, the adapter carrying the thread that you can screw a can onto. Can you do the same to a Sig Mosquito?
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I went to the Silencer Forum and got the answer to the Sig Mosquito question. Thanks for looking.
I was able to get a few rounds through a P22 with a Gemtech suppressor this weekend. Damn, that thing was fun. And accurate! I was getting about 50% hits on clay birds at 50yds. Impressive as hell.

No way I could afford one right now, but it did make The List.
Cool, yes they are alot of fun, and in .22 they are cheap to shoot too. Look at it as an investment. If we get a change of Government they might ban the purchase of them, or even ban them altogether???
Hey guys, lets share some experience had with some suppressed handguns.

The Walther P22 uses an adapter to replace the barrel nut, the adapter carrying the thread that you can screw a can onto. Can you do the same to a Sig Mosquito?
i believe so, but i have heard negative things about them suppressed , I had a p22 and a gemtec outback II .It was a nice combo but i sold the p 22 and went to the ruger 22/45 lower with a Paclite 6" upper. Total weight under 1 lb ;D the gemtec vortex 9mm is the same as the trinity they make now . Its a nice can. i use it on the 1911 9mm cc comander and the sig 226 as well as my full auto max 11 .....It is definitely a gateway addiction i started with a 22 integral suppressed rifle and now have 5 cans two 22s and a 556 , 9mm & 45 this is how stamp collections start lol.
I have just purchased some Sig Mosquitos for my classes and I got them with the threaded barrels. They are unlike the Walther P22 where you can add an adapter to use a silencer. You still need an adapter to add onto the Mosquito barrel to increase the thread diameter. I will post some pics when they are set up. I like the feel of the Sig over the Walther, it feels more substantial if you know what I mean.
yes much more substantial i considered one but was talked out of it by friends who are sigaholics ...so how dose it function with the can ? by the way, what type of Classes ?
I have yet to receive the can for the Mosquito, but as soon as I do I will let you know how it goes.

Classes: I run a number of NRA Certified firearms classes such as "Basic Pistol Class" used by people wanting to get the CCW permit, Home Firearms Safety Course, Basic Personal Protection in the Home Class etc. When having students shoot for the first time I want it to be something easy to shoot and safer than trying to handle a 44 magnum which some students turn up to class with! :duh:

I am also certified to teach and re-certify LEO within the state of West Virginia.
I have a 22/45 with the bull barrel. My can is a little different than most. It is made by Sound Tech out of Alabama and features a threaded male fixture on the can and the bull barrel is "backbored" with the female threads. i swap it between my 22/45 and my 10/22. I don't think I have ever seen anyone with this type can, my .45 can has the normal female threads for the threaded barrel. I think these guys do it this way so you can use a bull barrel and keep the same barrel countour the whole way. I have had it for almost 8 years and love it. I think everyone should own a suppressed .22

Would you like to share some Pics???
Of course, I am always willing to open the safe...when I get done with dinner and put the kids down. I put a pic of the .45 can over in the handgun pics thread.
OK, here are a few pics. I think the thing I like most about this can is that it is solid. Yeah, one made of aluminum would be a little lighter but on a .22 this little thing doesn't seem to add much weight. I don't know what it weighs but I know it is indestructable. My suppressed .22s are the only guns I beat on real bad and they have never let me down. Anyways, on with the pics...


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some more...


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thank once again for posting your photos. I haven't seen a setup like the Male threaded can before. :thanks:
cool setup on that 22/45 aziator! I have one too, and I'm debating whether to have the barrel threaded and the front site moved or getting a tactical solutions prethreaded upper...

I'll do the 22 can first, then I want to get a 9mm can for my G34 and an m4-1000 or 2000 for my xcr :)
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