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Survey, Osama and Hillary, Who will win......?

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I couldn't find the "No one, every one is fucked" option to click on.
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I honestly don't think anyone wil win in this election...except for the canidate. The american people as a whole are the losers.
I say we lock them both in a cell filled with old mayo.
I say send all candidates to Africa To combat the Aids virus, and we start a new election, maybe call it "The All American Leader show" and run it like American Idol... ;D I think the try outs would be funny...
Ron Paul is the only candidate that even makes any sense. Unfortuanately, the big media is paid to discredit him and threatened against giving him fair coverage. Sadly if he were elected, the powers that be would probably have him assassinated. The fact remains that he is the only candidate that even comes close to addressing the problems in our country today. :-\
Obama is the worst of the two..but one of them is going to win...forget the republican candidates, they dont have a prayer. Consider another issue...voters in this country (I will say the conservative party) have been back stabbed by George W. I voted for him in 2000 but I didnt vote for him in 2004, I didnt vote for Kerry either, in fact, I didnt vote. I already knew then that George W. was a back stabber. He has failed us big time...and the Republican party will never ever have a opportunity like that again.
in all honesty, our nation is in really BIG trouble.... the second amendment as you and I know it I predict will cease to exist in a matter of 8 years. Or its going to get to the point to where it is either so expensive to own,shoot or use a firearm for resreation/hunting etc...(not to mention all the government restrictions they will put into law) that the 2nd amendment will self destruct itself.....I really wonder where we are heading here. I know many of us here and elsewhere joke about the socialism thing and the likelihood of such a thing happening in this nation. but the reality is folks we are almost there now. And if this nation elects either Osama or Hitlery, this nation is finished.
We have the mass illegal immigration issue a serious problem right now and lets face it, Washington isnt going to do a damn thing about it. So you might as well understand that point NOW. then we got Islamic terrorism and Im predicting now, that right after the 2008 election there will be another attack on US soil, and I predict it will be catastropic (ie WMD,etc..) with thousands upon thousands killed. then you got the Iran problem and and unstable nuclear Pakistan time bomb waiting to go off with the mullahs gaining ground in the political spectrum. We are heading to a serious recession and Washingtons only asnwer to the problem is to throw more money at it hoping it will remedy the problem they caused to beging with, and using more borrowed Chinese hard cash at that.
We will pull out of Iraq, and give the enemy another victory because the United States military is under the watchful eye of the UN and we are not allowed to win wars anymore, because Washington is in bed with the elitist,big oil/money and the UN. We are dictating to Israel how they can and cannot defend themselves, so without bringing a seperate religious debate here.....I will just say that the US better not mess with the apple of Gods eye..in turn He will destroy a nation the same way a nation tries to destroy Israel.
I think the bottom line here is folks...we really need to pray for this nation.....we are at a cross road keeping our sovreignty or total destruction. Its really that simple......
And I for one am scared to death of what is getting ready to happen or what may happen.....
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I do like Ron Paul too, only he will never be allowed to win. We really aren't left with much of a choice. And YES I WILL vote Republician no matter the choice. If the Democrats get in our borders will remain open, illegals will be given "free" citizenship, and taxes will go through the roof. And yes GUNS, and us, will again become a major target. :2cents:
If the Democrats get in our borders will remain open
Hate to tell you this, but for the last 8 years, the republicrats have left the borders open. The difference would be what?
illegals will be given "free" citizenship
And what administration (hint, it's the current one) was pushing an amensty? The difference would be what?
and taxes will go through the roof
Actually, this is the only thing that makes sense. Taxes need to go up. Specifically, the government needs to start purchasing back the T-bills, and the only way to do that is with money - tax money. So our taxes need to go up by a good percentage, but the government spending needs to decrease by approximately 50%. ALL of that money needs to go towards purchasing back the T-bills. Anything else is just putting off the inevitable collapse of our fiat currency. Of course, if you want to argue with me that taxes could stay where they're at, if we cut government by 65% instead of 50%, then I'll agree with you.
And yes GUNS, and us, will again become a major target.
Let's see here...... Ronnie Reagan closed off the legal machineguns. George H Bush closed off the import of 'non-sporting' firearms, and we feel good about republicrats because the current administration did absolutely nothing to help us? Uh, I don't see it. So what, again, is the difference?
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Bravo has got it...... in essence...there is no difference...there all in bed with one another... its about big MONEY big government,more spending,more control of our lives, and the abolishment of the Constitution....or should I say..the "reinterpretation" to what suits them.......
One time, when my kid was younger, he pestered me for candy. Dunno what was wrong with him, but he kept on and on, after I'd told him no. When I told him that he'd make himself sick, he argued with me and essentially told me that he knew himself better than I did.

My solution was to tell him that since he obviously knew more than I did, go at it. He ate candy until he was ready to puke. Made him sick to his stomach - at which point I explained why I'd let him get to that point. After that he didn't 'overindulge' and seemed to learn to listen to me.

At this point, the best thing for the childish amirikan residents might very well be to let them go hog-wild on candy. Let them have all they want. Let them make themselves sick. But most of all, have them make the association between having too much and getting sick to the demopublican party in control.

Hoover gets remembered for the way the crash of '29 went, I'd want the demopublicans looked at in the same way for another 3 generations. Like "they're the ones that brought all this on".

If the demopublicans are going to bring it on, and the republicrats are going to bring this on, then let the crap fly on the demopublican's watch.

It also serves a second purpose - explaining to the republicratic party that if they put up demopublicans with an (R) beside their name, THEY'RE GOING TO LOSE!

As for me, I'll vote Libertarian unless Ron Paul pulls something out of his hat tomorrow. But I'll be hoping the demopublicans win.
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I'm voting for myself. Its the responsible thing to do. 8)
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