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almost ready to jump,

i just started gathering parts for my dream 6.8 ar with a piston upper BUT have realized that the ar would cost almost as much as the xcr, and it still wouldn't have swappable barrels, a l.h. charging like my fal... or a side folder like my fal.. AND the lead time on ar kits is crazy right now.
so, i am here asking for a nudge, 1,800 is a good chunk of $$ and i need a push before i fall back on the ar side..

what would be a rough leadtime for a 6.8 side folder??

and might a local? dealer be able to save me a few $$ over direct from R.A?

i have never bought a NEW gun of any sort, i like the equity of a used gun.. how does a rifle like this
hold its value??

oh yeah.. does anyone want a deal on a couple 6.8 marked ar lowers??
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Well, you could always see about picking up a used XCR for 1000-1300, and buying a kit for it. If you found one for a grand (unlikely, though) you'd end up paying around $1500 for all of it.

Dealers do get a special price, but however much they mark it up afterwards is their deal. It depends on what they are willing to do for you. Lead times are 8-10 weeks still.

The XCR holds its value pretty well. Finding a used one for $1200 is a good deal. Older gen. ones - with the older gas system and bolt styles - are a little cheaper. That is because a gas block upgrade is $115 and a new bolt assembly is $100.
unclemonkey, heres my take.

The XCR should out last you.
Divide the price by the number of years you expect to last and its pretty cost effective.
The XCR still costs less than a monolithic rail platform piston driven AR upper.
The XCR has better ergonomics and the least amount of muzzle jump of any 5.56 rifle I have fired.
With a new XCR you will KNOW its history and round count.
Do a little google searching and you will see they hold thier resale value pretty doggone good.
As word continues to spread on how good they really are and demand increases and lead limes lengthen.

If this doesn't tip the scales for you shooting some elses will.
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