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Terra from Robinson Arms here.

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I found this forum and decided to make myself a member. Feel free to hound me with questions.
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Welcome Terra!!! Your presence here and at RobArms is appreciated more than you will ever know....you have proven to be "Just what the customer ordered" at least in my case...Thanks! Gramps96Kz
Some questions on the 7.62x39 conversion ...

Questions about the XCR 7.62x39 conversion.

1.) When will the XCR 7.62x39 conversion be available? Firm date.
2.) Is there a firm price?
3.) Will it function properly with cheap russian 7.62x39 steel cased (polymer or lacquer coated ammo) like Wolf, Brown Bear, Silver Bear, Privi, etc? (MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION)
4.) What will the magazine capacity be?
5.) Will there be different capacity magazines available?
6.) What will be the price for the magazines?
7.) What will be the expected accuracy of the XCR 7.62x39 conversion with the types of ammo listed above. (2ND MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION)
8.) Where will the magazines be available? Only Robarms or elsewhere? (i.e. standardized type magazine or proprietary).
9.) What will be the barrel lengths and rifling rates (twists) for the barrel(s)?
10.) Will the 7.62x39 conversion also have the new easy adjustable gas system?

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Welcome, Terra. Nice to have the company representation. Love the product you guys put out.
I think Juice hit it on the head, I would like to know about the 7.62 conversion and when it will be available.

I won't ask for "firm dates", I know better. I do want to be on the waiting list for the new adjustable gas block as soon as they're available as a kit. I sent Ty an email but haven't gotten any response.

Same here with the 7.62 conversion kit questions. There is speculation that the magazines will be made by C-Products:


Is that the magazine supplier you guys are waiting on?

Thanks for joining. We have conversed through email a couple times already. I appreciate your assistance so far, and I'm sure the rest of us will as well. Good to have a company rep here.
Some questions on the 7.62x39 conversion ...

Main reason I ask the questions above is because I will pick up my 18.6" barrel 5.56x45 XCR in the next couple of weeks from my local FFL ( www.sportingarms.com ) one of your distributors. At least hopefully it will arrive in the next two weeks.

At the same time I pick up my XCR I was also considering buying a Saiga 7.62x39. Now I'm trying to decide if the XCR conversion kit for 7.62x39 is available in a month or two I'll just forget the Saiga and get the conversion kit instead.

Like everyone else the reason for deciding on either of the 7.62x39 rifles is cheap ammo. So my questions about functionality and performance with the cheap stuff is paramount.

Thank you for listening to us! Shows something about a company when its reps are participating in forums.

Thanks for giving Robinson a factory presents here. While we will all have questions, it will be great just to get regular updates an what is going on with the XCR in all modes. I'll look forward to seeing any nfo you can pass along when ever it becomes available.

Again thanks for a factory rep joining us! :)
Ty with Robinson Armament

Cool new forum. Just wanted to say hello its Ty with Robinson Armament. Sorry it took me so long to get on here. I have been very busy, but I will try to get on here every little while. ;D

see above questions... Thanks for joining the XCR Forum

Ty is the Dealer Sales Rep at Robinson Arms...he's a solid guy. ;D
Welcome Tera....

Thanks for taking the time to join the Forum

I look forward to reading your posts.

When will Robinson have cool Apparel ??? T-Shirts ? Hats ?
Welcome Tera and Ty, thanks for joining this forum I am sure that any input you have for the forum will be much appreciated by all. Tera a special thanks to you for the info that you gave me last Friday on a bolt size that I needed. :)
Welcome Terra and Ty. Tell Alex there is a lot of love for his baby out here.
Hey guys,
Alex says he is working on the catalog for the shirts. That has to be finished before we can have them made. He's a busy busy man....I told him you all wanted pink. :)
Hey guys,
Alex says he is working on the catalog for the shirts. That has to be finished before we can have them made. He's a busy busy man....I told him you all wanted pink. :)

Pink? Does this mean there'll be a Hello Kitty special edition XCR?
Something like this?

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well, we've actually come up with a demo-shirt. Here is a picture we took of it this morning.

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