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Terra's sops

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I emailed Terra today about getting one of the new gas blocks for my gun and she was way beyond helpful. Two thumbs up.
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Yeh we all Love Terra she helps all who ask...... and some that don't. Sharp girl....
She's been a great help to me as well. THANK YOU!
Yes, but did she send you one yet? I'm still waiting for the one I ordered in October. Yesterday she told me she was hoping to get ten or so to catch up on orders.
Not yet. She hoped to have a better clue as to when she might ship by Friday. I hope to get it in a week or so as I need to install it before I can pin my new comp on.
I haven't forgotten you guys... I asked Chuck if he could spare some, he's going to okay it with Alex and then let me know.

How's my barrel coming along, has it had it's lop-end-offomy yet? ;D
Roy, I believe that's technically known as a Bobbit Procedure.
Thank you for that clarification,

Well Terra, have you seen my little barrel being wheeled around with a bandage on yet? ::)
Roy are you having another SBR made ?

That sucks you have been waiting since October for a Gas system.

No, I'm having the barrel I have already somewhat clipped an inch!
Well, Roy, we accidentally cut it down too far... it's now 8"....

I kid! I kid! :D
Apparently Terra got them to shake lose some gas blocks. I'm now waiting for the mailman to bring mine. Since it's been so cold and snowy (its about 5 degrees right now and we've had about a foot of snow since Christmas) here in Colorado I haven't been able to hit the outdoor range to try out the new trigger job. If the mailman comes before it's supposed to warm up over the weekend I'll have several new toys to play with. Come to think of it, I haven't shot it with the new muzzle brake and flash hider either.

Too much travel time, not enough play time.
Apparently sher did. I got to work this morning and my new block and piston head were sitting on my desk. They must have arrived on Monday.

I really like the new valve. It is not near as big as the early pictures made it look. It is extremely easy to take apart for cleaning and since my block will more or less be fixed due to the fixed muzzle attachment, a big plus.. This looks to be a great re design.

Two thumbs up for Terra and the RA crew.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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