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I still have them , i got to looking ,those pins are not shearing ,they are shattering.
A roll pin is hard like a drill bit , they shatter under stress breaking like glass.
I replaced that pin with a Coil pin , they are laminated spring steel.
They are very hard to shear ,and like a spring they are designed to absorb some of the shock and not shatter.
150 rounds today of wolf ,not one problem other than one related to ammo.
I inspected the pin and it show absolutely no signs of stress or wear.
I'm not telling you guys how to do anything , but when i was on the USS Kennedy we were have the same problem with roll pins on the 20mm cannon strut mounts.
We replaced them with coils and never had another failure.
But you are talking about a 1/2 in pin also but the principal is the same.
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