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The Check has been Cashed

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Well I know the XCR SBR process is moving forward, they cashed the check on Monday. I hate the wait!
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My SBR XCR is on the road now and is supposed to arrive on Monday.

I have all the "shit" ready to hang off it, and I can't wait. I will post pics when I have it set up and ready to go to the range.
Seems like mine was returned fairly soon after the check was cashed, which took a while. I don't know if that is the norm or not.

That is interesting because I always thought that the check being cashed meant the same thing. I actually called BATFE today and spoke to a very nice woman about it.

She said that although it had been cashed it would still be about 3 weeks for the paper work to come up to them from Atlanta and get processed into the registry.

Last time I did and SBR I paid with a MO so I could not see when that cleared.

I have been seriously thinking about ordering a short barreled 6.8 kit, unless of course this CQB upper comes out first!

I sent my lower out for a trigger job from that genetelman that everyone has been recommending on the Forum, once I get this together I know it will be perfect!
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I'm thinking that once the check has been cashed it will only take about two weeks to register and then another to get it back to you. That has been my experience anyway.
I really hope thats true!

By barrel will be on the way back to Robinson the moment the stamp gets here.
Are you cutting your original barrel down? If so what length are you getting?
Well I was going to ask for suggestions.

what do you guys think?

11.5 or 10?
I asked for my SBR to be taken down to 11". For some reason, gas system or something? Chuck at RobArms recommended only taking it down to 12", so I have a 12" on the way. I can't wait!
I think I will listen to them when it comes to what the barrel length should be. If he says 12" then 12" it will be!
ok i have a ? did you get the sbr from robarms on a form 3 or did you form 1 it and have to engrave it with your info ? i just did a form 1 using a bushmaster 6.8 i filed it with bushy as the mfg .I was surprised they approved the paper work as i really expected it to kick back since i put 3 different calibers on the form.
I ordered my 12" SBR XCR straight from RobArm. It is now a registered reciever and I can put what I like on it. This was done as a Class 3 dealer with a form 3 direct from RobArm.

Sweep, I still think you will have to engrave the receiver as a "Manufacturer" of the SBR, otherwise an Agent has no was of identifying the firearms as a SBR, or that you have the correct receiver?

You might want to look into that before going public :-\

I would 100 percent engrave that thing. Bushmaster made the gun YOU made it an SBR making YOU the manufacturer. I did a form 1 on mine and will be engraving it the moment I get the stamp.
I had bushmaster do the work and confirmed the engraving part with my examiner ? The gun shows on the record as A bushmaster with the existing serial # and thats the way i checked it when i called it in . ??? i was told having the paperwork confirms its a registered sbr. My nephew works for the batfe I will ask again :-\ If i have to engrave any thing on it i will probably engrave it under the front of the mag well so the lmt m203 hides it

If at all possible get that in writing somehow. I am by no means an expert but when dealing with NFA stuff I error on the side of extreme caution.

If you have found a way not to have to engrave thats awesome.
oh i have to agree with ya there, i will try to get a better response on it I will call up w va and confirm it again Monday. It took 5 weeks were usually i get a turn around on a most stamps in 21 days i was told it was slow as they had to send it some ware for review and approval before my normal examiner got it for approval. and with the way they bounce the rules around with different interpataions it could be the ? was misunderstood.. :duh:.. And my form lists the original Mfg as Bushy and was approved by mistake . if so they will probably correct it and i will have it engraved as stated on the front of the mag well and as that area needs to be milled smooth anyway as bushy left a crappy forging seam there .
Quote: from http://www.m4carbine.net/showthread.php?t=8804
this was Originally Posted by pittbull View Post over on m4carbine.net
I have an appointment with my local BATF agent this friday @ 0800, will post after. (I want the official info too!)
The preliminary info is...it depends on whether you are going to buy a registered SBR and have it transfered to you, or YOU will yourself be the manufacturer. I will let you know...
Just got back from my meeting and this all assumes you'll be filling out a form 1:

The answer is...If you will be registering a lower you CURRENTLY own, or are going to buy from a manufacturer ie Bushmaster, Colt, etc... you DO NOT need to engrave anything on it.
On a Form 1, section 4a it says:
Name and location of Original Manufacturer of Firearm.

What this means is if you own a bushmaster Lower (like I do) you just need to put in Bushmaster's info and you will be registering that lower, therefore you DO NOT need to make any additional markings on your lower!

If you ever have any questions you can contact:

NFA Branch Chief
Ken Houchens
244 Needy Road
Martinsburg, WV 25401
Phone: (304) 616-4500
Fax: (304) 616-4501

This info is readily availible online, and therefore there shouldn't be any problem with me posting it here - Mods - any objections?

Hope this helps!

i wonder how many calls this guy gets about this ?? lol this is why i asked i was also told the same thing by my examiner and 2 dealers who sell guns and parts :duh: ???
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So lets pose the obvious question. I own a XCR, when I filled out the paperwork of course I listed them as the manufaturer because they made it. So now I do not have to engrave it?

Damn, I wish I would have known that before I SBRed my PS90!
Very interesting, When I read the actual NFA handbook chapter 6 is says it right there...


Section 6.1 Requirements for making NFA firearms. Persons not otherwise prohibited from
possessing firearms may submit an application to make an NFA firearm, other than a machinegun.93
The application process requires submission of ATF Form 1, Application to Make and Register a
Firearm, in duplicate, along with FBI FD-258, Fingerprint Card, in duplicate, and payment of the $200
making tax. Appendix C contains a copy of Form 1.

Section 6.2 Preparation of Form 1. Every person (other than a licensed manufacturer who has also
paid the required SOT to manufacture NFA weapons) must complete the Form 1.94 Two identical
copies of the application must be prepared. All entries must be made in ink. All required signatures
must be original and entered in ink. Photocopies or other facsimile or carbon copy signatures are not
acceptable. Under no circumstances will a form filled in by use of a lead pencil be accepted. All
changes made on the form must be initialed and dated by the applicant.

6.2.1 Description of firearm. If an existing firearm or firearm receiver is being used, the name and
location of the original manufacturer of the weapon should be entered in Block 4(a). If the applicant is
making a completely new firearm, the applicant’s name and location should be entered in Block 4(a).
The type of firearm being made, i.e., short barrel rifle, short barrel shotgun, any other weapon, silencer
or destructive device, is to be entered in Block 4(b). The caliber or gauge of the firearm is to be entered
in Block 4(c). If a model designation has been assigned to the firearm, that designation is to be placed in
Block 4(d). If the weapon has no model designation, enter “none” in Block 4(d). The length of the
barrel is to be entered, in inches, in Block 4(e) and the overall length of the firearm is to be entered, in
inches, in Block 4(f).

All NFA firearms must be identified by a serial number and other specified markings95. If an existing
firearm is being used in the making of the NFA weapon, and that firearm is serialized, the existing serial
number should be used (unless it duplicates a serial number already used by the maker on Form 1) and
entered in Block 4(g). If the weapon is of new manufacture, the applicant must assign a unique serial
number and enter it in Block 4(g). For example, a unique serial number could be composed of at least 4
digits preceded by the initials of the maker. NOTE: alpha characters, e.g., a name, will not be accepted
as a serial number. If a name is to be used, there must be at least one numeric character in addition to
the alpha characters.

The serial number must be engraved or stamped on the receiver of the firearm and the caliber, model,
and identification of the maker must be engraved on the barrel or frame or receiver of the weapon.96 The
marking and identification requirements for a maker are the same as for a manufacturer. Refer to
section 7.4 for a detailed discussion of the requirements.

Not sure why I never picked up on this before...Over on Arf.com nobody has ever brought it up, though most of them it seems register as a trust.
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