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The New MagPul PDR

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Any of you guys, and gals see this?

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That's cool looking. I'll take one. 5.56 nice 7.62x39 better :)
To me, a PDW needs to have a different round like Knight's PDW or the FN90.

Magpul is really getting everyone's attention. I hope they can deliver. The hype is amazing considering they have never built a firearm before!

I'd love to see Alex put out some preview info on the M and PDW. Of course there is some danger in disappointing people with delays or tipping off the competition. Something Magpul is willing to risk. They also seem to be funded well.
So they're not shipping the MASADA yet and now this. Something else that won't be shipping for awhile.

I think the industry is going a little nuts with the "PDW" craze.

I can't figure out anything they are supposed to do that a 10.5" AR won't do better. But still, it seems like your gun company just isn't cool these days unless they have a "hot new PDW concept" that will be shipping.... well, just as soon as its finished! And they've almost started designing it! :eek:

And I've always had a dislike for bullpup designs. I played with teh P90 at SHOT, thinking it might be something new / better / different. When I walked away, I knew there wasn't one in my future.
I would be very interested if we can get it on the civilian market as a "pistol".
I would agree that the industry seems to have gone PDW crazy but as a pilot on an aircraft I sometimes with I had something smaller than an M16A2. Lots of the Special Ops guys fly with MP5s just because they are smaller to have at the ready in the aircraft. Unfortunately they don't pack the same punch and most units have switched back to something in a 5.56 (I know all the conventional units carry M4s now if they have them).

That being said, if/when Robarms releases a PDW XCR I can all but guarentee that I will try my hardest to have the first one available. There is something to be said about a weapon that is about the same size as an MP5/UZI yet packs the punch that the 5.56 does.

I don't think it is the end all be all gun but it would be a nice addition to the old safe...
Exactly what I am talking about...
The thing with the SBR 5.56 is that the blast and flash are quite intense, and the recoil is noticeably more than a 9mm carbine of the same size. I imagine a micro suppressor would cut down on all of that, but then, you're increasing the length. Its all a trade off I suppose...
POF 9.25" upper. It might be the ticket. Got one on hold waiting for the Feds to finish my paperwork.
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FWIW, I didn't care for the MP5. Gave it back, drew an Uzi just like the one in your pic. I ran that pretty well (believe it or not, we didn't see any difference in the MP5 and the Uzi out to 25 meters, by anyone), until I figured out that all I had was an ultralight AR - in 9mm Para.

So I dropped the SMG completely. Weight wise, they are all close enough to not matter - ditto for length. The difference? When the pop-ups were at 200 yards, the Uzi was barely workable. The MP5 was a TOUCH better. But with a Colt Commando? Cake walk.

I'll take a shorty 5.56 over a subgun ANY day.
All I"m seeing with this project is a Magpul bullpup. They can call it whatever they want, but it's a .223 bullpup.

Nothing wrong with that (assuming you like bullpups), but that's all it is. I do like bullpups and would definately give it a look. It can't be worse than the FS2000, after all...I hope.
Just wait till you get that muzzle blast near your face...will be fun for about 10 seconds
My experience shooting my SBR (12") XCR at night with a Snith Ent Vortex flash hider using Federal red box ammo, the flash was almost non-exsistant.

Next time I try this I might take some photos or a movie which might demonstrate what I'm trying to talk about!
I've shot 16" barreled AUGs. The blast isn't really noticeable.

Even if it does bother you, just more reason to put a can on it. Win-win situation.
Here is a video of my buddy shooting the rifle above. The low speed camera only picks up a couple of the muzzle flashes, but as you can see, even in broad daylight, the flash is... substantial. And that is with XM193 that is supposed to have some low flash powder or something, iirc...

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NY- what barrel length is that?
Looks like 10.5" to me, and the muzzle blast is nasty business. It's LOUD. I go to the range often with my SBR and people are always asking what caliber it is because it sounds far more powerful coming from a short barrel. And that's with the barrel being say +/-20" from your face.

I seriously cannot even imagine how loud 5.56 is when it is like 6" from your face. I see they are using a piggy brake, which helps, but those piggy brakes are freaking FLAME Throwers like you cant even imagine on short barrels

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