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The proof is in... I'm crazy, anyone willing to join in?

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Yep, a whole pallet of spent 5.56, 7.62, and 9mm. I'm guessing 700lbs of spent brass (they include the wood in the weight)

So I've already been out bid, and am past the point of going alone, but if I get enough takers here I'll press on. I can mail it out to you in a USPS flat rate box, or free delivery to the next XCR shoot in the VA/WVA area. What are we willing to pay per pound?

The current price is just under $2 a pound. I watched another auction run up to $2.62/lb for half a million pounds. A 1000 5.56 cases will run you $60+, but it has been processed to some degree. Figure 14 pounds/1000, that means clean brass is about $4.28 a pound. They will add a 10% fee to the auction.


Ok, I'll go look for my meds now...

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Sounds interesting...

How does that compare to buying 1000 rounds of, say... AE .223 - shooting it - and then collecting the brass for reloading?

Also, how does it compare (per pound) to buying new brass from someone like Midway?
Wish I could go crazy with you, I have more than a few 50 cal cans out in the garage full of 5.56 and 7.62 brass that needs to be processed.
Once fired LC from widener's is $66/1000 and $63 in quanity. So that makes it at least $4.50 lb.

I would assume the 7.62 and 9 will run the same $ per pound.

Auction closes a 5pm ET Tuedsay.

A bid of $2/lb would be $1400. At raw brass market prices I could see it going a bit higher... maybe $2.50. Beyond that it is the reloading value. I think I see a few nuts in the pictures, plue the wood weight and I don't see getting more than 700 lbs of brass.
Well, it turns out someone is WAY crazier than I am! ::)

$3411 for the lot! = $4.24 a pound including the wood crates or my estimate of $4.87 a pound of actual brass.

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