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the Second Non XCR Thread

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Hey, has anyone heard of "Professional Arms LLC" based in Portland OR? They are a new company developing a "New Concept" in MP5 Clones. They have a product that looks like an MP5, shoots like an MP5, and as a multi caliber conversion kit like an MP5. Ho! that's correct, the H&K MP5 dosn't have a caliber conversion does it??? ::)

Look at their web sie at: http://www.professional-arms.com/

This raises a few questions:

1: Am I the only one who gets all excited about this type of thing?
2: Does this weapons system remind anyone of another company we know? ::) ?

I know of the owner Andrew, professionally, and he seems like one of the good guys. He won't be releasing these units until they are "fully tested and totally reliable". I'm in line for one!

That brings me to a point. Some of my very good customers call me a "tease". I don't know what they are talking about? I consider it "speading the joy".

Be safe!

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I can always temper my enthusiasm about clones since so many turn out so wrong. Especially HK clones.

Still, I'd love an MP40 or MP10 that actually worked. But there's the rub. It may look like an HK, but it's gotta work like one, too.

Then there's the parts issues. G3s were general issue and heavily licensed so there's still lot of parts for them around. But certain rather desirable bits and pieces are already drying up and getting quite expensive. This applies in spades to the relative rarities like the above mentioned MPs, P9s, or--as I found out these last couple of weeks--even P7s.

I'm always willing to look, though!
If you're interested in MP5 clones, how about the B&T TP9 that DSA Arms is starting to import? It looks pretty interesting as well. Check it out here as well as on the DSA Arms website. BTW, I'm Consultant on the FalFiles.

The TMP is just a badass gun...in selective fire. As a semi-auto, it'd just be missing something, heh. Kind of like the P90 vs. PS90. These guns were just meant to be used as full auto.

Very cool, though. Very cool.

DSA are importing MP5 Clones??? I haven't seen them on their web site, unless it's the TP9 you are refering to?? That looks more like the MP7???
I agree on the caution with clones. You never know what you might end up with. :-[ But time will tell...
Clones tend to suck, and few companies have the commitment needed to make a clone work if there are problems.

Even worse than clones are the look-alikes. Those new "American Augs" are an example.
Yes I too am very cautious with clones. I has a customer interested in an MP5 Clone, and found it very easy to find some but they all stem back to one person who's name should not be used in public (well that's what they say) and they seemed to suck big time, nearly as bad as their service. In the end I told my customer that I couldn't find one that I would be willing to sell him, and then I found Professional Arms. This company seems to have taken a different approach and is not in a rush to flood the market with a buch of knock offs, but seems to have taken an idea, and expanded in it with caliber changes ect...

I'm keeping an eye on them, and hope to visit their space at the 2008 Shot Show. If anyone is interested I will keep updating their progress.
I didn't mean to imply that the TP9 was a MP5 clone. I meant that if the original poster was interested in MP5 types of weapons he might be interested in looking at the TP9. The November issue of "Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement" has an article on the TP9 refers to it as the semi-auto version of the MP9.
That's OK, I was trying to find the clone on their web site, and I got confused ::) Easily done these days. No implications taken but it does look alittle like the MP9???
I have the hots for one, but absolutely no rational reason or use for it. As you said, in semi-auto version it's just a big, heavy, hard to conceil, 9mm with a 30 rd magazine. I'm saving my coins and will have to decide over a Halo suppressor for the XCR or one of these.
I think it can't be said that we "Need" the things that we collect, more so that we "Want" them instead. Unless of course it's for work purposes, and then someone else pays for it! ;D Works for me!
I'd be very wary of any of the clone makers under the todd bailey umbrella...the hkpro forum hates him so bad you can't even mention his name over there :D

Don't have much interest in the pistol caliber or .223 hk rifles, but I do love my ptr91... IMO its just as good if not better than a real hk91. If JLD made some other clones I might check them out, but that probably won't happen.

As for the american augs vb3 mentioned, I'd like to try one if for no other reason than I've never shot an aug ;D
Can't see myself buying one though...
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Yes that is one fine rifle. I sell the PTR91 here when I can keep them in stock. People see them and just buy them because they are of such obvious good quality, and they are a good price. I like the Paratrooper stock, but have never shot one with that stock. It looks a little hard on the shoulder?

You have one fine rifle there Sir! Not alot of people know about them.
I bought an MSAR Green Aug and I have been waiting for it. Reports on AR15.COM have gone both ways but I am hoping it has a break in period like our beloved XCR. I will post a range report once I have an opportunity to shoot it.
I've been following the MK5 development and it looks like Professional Arms is doing a good job.

I had a HK94 clone years ago from Special Weapons (one of the TB companies) and it was a mixed experience.

While I acknowledge an MK5 would be a lot more fun in F/A (not a viable option for most non-SOTs like me), my small-framed wife and daughter do well with pistol-caliber carbines.

My big questions are unsurprisingly: ETA for civilian release and price-point.


I spoke with Andrew, of ProArms on a number of occations and he is in no rush to get the MK5 on the market . He will not release his product until he believes it to be fully reliable, and a good product. Andrew told me his release date will be June 2008, and the orders he already has, and deposits taken, will put any new orders back until sometime in January 2009. In other words he has 6 months of production already sold.

Cost, well at this stage the recommended retail is set at $2200.00, and the caliber kits will be around $1000.00 each caliber. If you buy more than one kit the cost is somewhat reduced.

If you want any more information e-mail me and I will be happy to share what I have.
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