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This... Is my future.

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Soon, precious... Soon. I will have my Corolla S. I decided for that over the Dodge Caliber. Dodge is a bit... Dodgy.. HA HA Ha.

I will, of course, be painting it to suit me. Here are some poorly made ideas.

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Toyotas are great cars & nice on gas..... But.......Pink :duh:

just jokin enjoy it when you get it
I think you've made a good choice.... of a car, not so sure about the paint. ::)
Wow...not sure what to say. :duh:
THAT should get your husband some attention when he drives it >:D :2cents:
Bwahahahahaha. That's the idea. We always fight over who gets to drive... This way, I win every time. ;D

no but seriously... i love pink. It's got to be a girl's car.
cool! I don't dig the pink, but if your goal is to have the monopoly on driving your car that's a good idea :p

I actually just put in an order for a new car exactly 2 hours ago:

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I miss my Wifes Subaru...
what kind was it?

my sister just got a legacy a few months back and its a great little sedan... I wanted something with more room and awd, but wanted more mpg than I've had w my suv's...
I like those Subaru WRXs... But I can't seem to find any for sale online. :mad:
I bought a '06 Subaru Forester last month. Already flew off the road at least 3 times in our weather. Had to have the fire department get me down from a snow bank the last time. It was cool, my car was at a 45 degree angle with the front facing the sky and when I turned on my high beams they were like search lights pointing up ;D I still kick myself for not taking a picture. Although this was at 5am as I was on my way to the airport. To give you an idea though, here is my car parked near a snow bank (the ones I hit that early morning where a little higher). The only damage to my car was a scratch on my front bumper and my fog light popped out, I was going about 20mph when I impacted.

Oh, almost forgot: :hijack:


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I bought her an 02 WRX wagon back in Sep. 2001. We just sold it a few months ago due to needing a school bus with the Twins coming. never had a single problem with that car. They are talking about a Diesel subaru soon, if they do it I am all over it.
nice ride lex! I guess we're thinking on similar wavelengths 8)

Back in high school I drove an old 4runner. When it was really snowy and the plows would pile the banks around the perimeter of the lot, I'd park with my front wheels up the bank so the car would be at 40-45d angle. good times :p
Not sure where everyone is from, but i will volunteer that the Subies are very popular here in Downeast Maine. Drive down the road and I'm willing half the vehicles you see will be Subaru or Chevy 4x4s.....with a smattering of Fords thrown in.
We look a lot like Lex's picture for about five months of the year.
Hmm, maybe not so bright pink then how about a subdued pinkish color then like salmon.

It'll look like a Mary Kay car if you paint it that shade of pink.

Actually a black car with the pink stripes might not look so bad, just reverse your colors.

Go here to select your shade of pink: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pink

Not sure if this counts or not, but Friday I 'bought' my truck.

As in I went into the bank with the last 2800FRN I owed on the loan, and paid it off.

Now I own a 4 year old truck..... but at least she's MINE! HA!
congrats, I know how good of a feeling that is...
Thats great Bravo.
FRN? Not familar with that currency.

Owning what you have is a great thing. The average American buys a new car every 2.5 years.....totally unnessecary if you ask me.
Comparing, the average European buys a car ever 10 years.
FRN= Federal Reseve Notes
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