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To all our friends who own an MSAR stg 556

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You know how when you unpacked your new rifle and you looked on the right side only to see three stand offs with bright SS Heli coils exposed ,and your gas rod in behind them ?
Remember thinking why are these not plugged ? unless of course you didn't care that you had a 1/4 in hole with exposed threads on your fine new gun.
Fear not ! the fine people at www.boltdepot.com can do for you what the factory should have.
I guess $3.00 more was just to much to bear for MSAR to send a gun out looking like it was finished up.
Part # 13127 ,this will get you three button head 12x24 ,black bolts that will finish off the gun very nicely ,and protect your threads and gas tube from dust.
DO NOT try to put a 1/4 x20 bolt in this even if it looks like that is what it is.
For you poor folks who have done this ,or put the 1913 rail on this rifle only to find out a slight bump will break off the stand offs and that MSAR will not address this problem at all ,i know a gunsmith that will mill the broken stand offs even with the receiver ,install the #13127 bolts ,and it really does look even better.
Let not you heart be troubled ,soon a company is to offer a real 1913 rail for this gun because he has run into this several times himself.
OR just run around with a gun with Heli coils exposed like a screwed up cyl. block ,or buy their rail and hope for the best.
Oh,the guy at bolt depot said he had these bolts for years and never sold them untill now, and guess who is buying them ?
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To all that have your MSAR in one had and your D**K in the other.... you should have bought an XCR with conversion Kit. Tough luck and next time join this forum> :2cents: :ninja: >:D :duh:
This rifle belongs to a friend in Laredo Texas ,he ordered this rifle and had to wait on it for 8 weeks.
Excited when it came in he ordered the 1913 rail to go on the side from an MASR dealer over night.
He mumbled about the Helli coil thing ,but thought sense he was putting a stream light on it it would be OK.
Oh ,for those who will say something next, the bag was labeled from MSAR with the bolts.
A gunsmith installed it for him (and yes he is a good smith ) and it did look good.
Getting out of his Toyota truck he barely bumped it on the door rail breaking the first stand off all the way off and cracking the second.
Addressing the smart remarks now.
1- The owner isn't stupid ,and there wasn't even a mark on the stream light.
2- yes he drives a Toyota 4x4 , gas is $3.75 there and Toyota i am sure will not pay for the damage.
3- the gun smith builds custom 1911s , ARs, 1886 rifles ,so i guess he knows how to put on a rail
4-NO the owner doesn't abuse his rifles.
5-AS I SAID ,no mark was on the light AT all ,so i don't think he popped the crap out of it.
Anyway , The wonderful folks at MSAR told him it wasn't under warranty ,and they didn't know if he had tried to put 1/4 x 20 bolts in it or not showing they know about that problem.
After milling the stand offs down because the Manufacturer is a jerk ,it was repaired with the correct bolts MSAR will not even sell you unless you buy the rail ,and at the customers request he removed the white lettering.

You know in the course of human events ,it just may be that MSAR are a pack of jerks.
OH ,after this the gun did shoot fine.
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They suck, it sucks and thaks my old girlfriend sucks too. Enough said on that. :deadhorse:
Boy i agree with you gunner , look at the bolt all the way to the front.
That was the best they could do to fix it as it took a little sliver out of the receiver.
Other web sites are reporting cracks that go across the receiver and they find air bubbles in them.
Even if i don't like a gun i will say its OK ,Glocks ,AKs ,FN LAR , I just don't like them but they are fine .
This thing reminds me of the stuff Hessi arms was putting out years ago ,people were blowing the whistle and others were saying (mines great ) in a few years everyone was saying they were crap.
MSAR get rid of the stand offs ,they are causing you a lot of future hell.
He should have waited for the TPD AXR. better rifle, much better customer service. They are shipping now.
He should have waited for the TPD AXR. better rifle, much better customer service. They are shipping now.
It will be a much better platform. But not shipping yet(except for the 100 special editions). Talked to Kent today and hopefully by June.
MSAR got another good review in Guns and Ammo. Maybe the issue isn;t the design, but something Robinson suffered for a while. Quality control issues. At least that can be rectified.
Have you ever seen a bad review in any magazine anymore? About anything?
Guns and Ammo have never met a gun they didn't like.

Anyone remember the Mamba? The Rojak? The Thomas? The Colt AA2000? I do. Glowing reviews of cutting edge "new" guns that were absolute, unutterable shit. Still, when reviewed they were the bestest thing evah! Of course, they were nothing of the sort.

P.T. Barnum lives. Especially in the gun industry.
Have you ever seen a bad review in any magazine anymore? About anything?
I highly recommend "Gun Tests" http://www.gun-tests.com/ They accept no advertising and are brutally honest in their reviews. For $24 a year plus online access to past issues, it is a heck of a deal in my opinion.
I subscribed to Gun Tests some years ago. It was a crap magazine. Only slightly better than the other rags of the time. Too many tests had poorly thought out, utterly useless and urepeateable test criteria. Some directly contradicted extensive experience I had with my own guns. At best their reviews tended to be highly subjective. One year and I was done with them.

There's no one good way to gather info on guns. The best you can do is do lots of research online, talk to people in the know, and--to paraphrase Jeff Cooper--get 20 years experience. Basically, view any claims with a jaundiced eye. Don't get roped in by the new shiny.
Well, to each his own. I still think they are one of the best firearm periodicals today. Other than from a strictly mechanical sense, so much of liking a firearm is subjective. For that, you need to talk to owners of the gun. The internet is a great place for that but you also have to be more cautious in separating the chaff from the wheat.
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