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I have:

13 Black MAGPUL PMAGS with windows AND Ranger plates and dust covers
Versacarry SM holster
Don't tread on me 2" x 3" patch Hook Velcro
1 Glock 19 Magazine
100 Rds .223 Wolf Ammo
2 FOX Tactical Digital Woodland M4 Mag Pouches MOLLE Gear
1 Diamond Tactical Digital Woodland Three Pouch Double Mag pouches (6 mags) MOLLE Gear
125 Rounds of Golden Saber 165 Gr .40 Cal Remington Hollow Points
125 Rounds of Golden Saber 165 Gr .40 Cal Remington Hollow Points
150 Rounds of HSM 5.56 FMJ 55 Gr. Ammo
150 Rounds of HSM .223 Remanufactured FMJ 55 Gr Ammo
40 Rounds of 7mm Rem Mag Federal Ammo 150 Gr
1 KBAR Knife 7" all black partially serrated Brand new with glass filled nylon sheath
BluRay: 3:10 to Yuma (watched twice)
BluRay: Dear John (in shrink wrap brand new)
BluRay: The Lucky One (in shrink wrap brand new)
Kaspersky Antivirus (in shrink wrap brand new)
100 Rds CCI .22 Short 710 FPS 29 Gr
One brand new Primary Arms M3 Red Dot with Cantellever Mount
Legos Creationary Board Game (In shrink wrap new in box)

I need:

9 OD Green MAGPUL PMAGS with windows with or without Ranger Plates

Worth a shot. Shoot me a text if you are interested and have even 1 or 2 OD Green PMAGs. We can work out a deal. Thanks

(425) 501 0626
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