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Training with John Farnam

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Looking to get feedback that may have trained with John. I contacted him about the possibility of setting up a course here in Savannah GA before I deploy so that my wife can get a good refresher in defensive pistol and I may do some too. He was more than happy to try and squeeze something in (he already has a pretty full schedule this summer) so I am now trying to get enough people interested in doing it. Also looking for experiences any of you might have had with him. I think I will be able to get enough people that want to shoot for a few days...
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One of my mentors (on the east coast) raves about his courses with John.

So much so, that if Farnam were to put on a course out here, I'd be in on it pronto.

I should mention, said mentor used to make his living in the jungles, shooting movers.
John's instruction is first rate. His wife Vicki is probably the best instructor I have ever worked with. Her ability to diagnose a shooters issues and help them improve is a sight to behold. Taken together, they are a super pair.

John offers a whole system. Its not about shooting, really. Its about not shooting. He emphasizes situational awareness, disengagement, strong verbal challenges, and movement. If all this fails, then accurate, sustained gunfire is taught. The courses are long, well thought out, and physically taxing. You will literally be on your feet for 12 hours. Plan for that.

Another key focus of John's is gun agnostic skills. They emphasize solutions to issues that will work with any gun, regardless of what you happen to have in your hand. As he would say "there is no guarantee that the gun that gets kicked to you through the puddle of beer and blood is going to be your favorite type". There are lots of excerises where you have to use other students weapons. This became less useful a couple of years back when 80 percent of the guns were glocks, but now there is a true variety again.

Finally, do not bring pretty, safe queen guns. Your gear is going to get hot, dirty, dropped in the mud, and will need to be able to shoot hundreds of rounds without cleaning. Leave your shiny pretty toys at home.

If you can get to a DTI course, do it. You won't regret it.
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FWIW - John Farnam's 'car gun' is an XCR in 6.8SPC.
and a DSA FAL with a micro aimpoint, and an m1 carbine, and an m4, and an aug... Its a big car.

I am working the specifics of it now, if anyone is interested and close to Savannah I may get a course together for sometime in May.
I want to come!
My schedule changes week to week but my money doesn't.
I will of course let you know if and when it will be.

I am in Atlanta. I don't know how long the course would be, or if it is during the week or the weekend. I think my roommate and I would be interested if it were during the weekend.


John and Vikki's instruction is first rate. I keep wanting to go and retake there class.
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