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Trigger spring

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I have about 1500rnds through my XCR . When it was new I replaced my trigger spring with a JP yellow spring, gave me a good feeling trigger and not a hick up with all of those rounds. Also I would like to try a triggerjob from Bill Springfeild, can anyone give me contact info? Thanks, Dean 1(908)812-9897 [email protected]
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Bill is a member here on our forum "bspring" and his e-mail address is:

[email protected]

He's a good guy, great service, and very easy to get along with!
Bill is great to deal with and his work is top notch.

My trigger is great.
big +1 for Bill.

top notch work at a great price. he's done the triggers on my xcr and ptr91-and I couldn't be happier.
Ditto here. Bill did my XCR and FAL today. Dry fire feel is 1000 percent better. Hopefully I'll get to the range right after Christmas.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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