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Trying to Figure Out How Much to Pay

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I have been looking at the Robar site here: http://www.robarm.com/proddetail.asp?prod=XCRLS%2D5%2E56

I am not clear on how the stocks are priced. In the picture, is that the standard stock that comes at no additional cost if you select "none" for stock options?

Or does "none" get you no stock at all, and is the pictured "standard" stock actually the optional "folding stock, machined aluminum with rubber butt pad and cheek pads" for an additional $225.

I am trying to figure if my local dealer is quoting me a good deal, or one that is actually above MSRP.

Is the MSRP on the pictured rifle (with 16" light barrel) $1,530.98 or $1,755.98?

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You'll want to order one from a dealer, and the msrp you see on the website won't really have much to do with the final price you end up paying. Going rate after shipping and transfer seems to be in the low 1400's for the basic rifle with the side folder. I had my dealer order one from Robarm, with the side folder and ambi selector, and ended up paying about 1450-1475 or so if I remember correctly.
Email Aussie Arms found here on the forum. He will set you up with one for a great price.
I would email Aussie Arms and see what price he can get you. I just ordered a XCR with the 16" Light Barrel the M16A2 Muzzle Brake and Flash Hider and the the Magpul CTR Stock and adapter for $ 1490 he is by far a great person to work with and I would recommend him to anyone
Get your list together... i.e. Stock, muzzle brake/flash hider, back up sites, scope, forward grip, etc. Then call or email Aussie and save on the package the way you want it. :2cents:
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