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Two questions...

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First is Primary Weapon Systems going to make the FSC in 7.62X39?
Second, at Robinson Arms web site I cant find the selector spring, do they sell it or is it called something else, mine was bent in an undisclosed way that in no way involved me... so me and my resourceful brother ended up wire clipping as much spring as we could salvage, and then wire clipping a small nail to make up the rest of the space, the selector works just fine, just not exceedingly smooth...
Also do we get a discont on the new style gas block by turning in our old style gas block? I know, I know keep on dreaming...
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Rainley, Call Terra at RobArms, 1-801-355-401, she can answer ALL your questions. ;D :2cents: :tiphat: :jumpingonfire:
Primay Weapons Systems make the FSC 30 that they designed for the 7.62 x 39 That's what I have got.
Rainley, what's the proper name for that spring?

The reason I ask is 'cause my grip screw came un-loctited and I wound up bending that spring too. The field-expedient answer was to torque it back down (like a goof, I ran off and left my long hex wrenches, my short hex wrenches were TOO short) with a broken off hex wrench and a pair of vice grips ::)

I probably ought to get another (unbent) spring, but the bent spring kept percolating throughout the rest of the day.
Hello Rainley...Aussie is correct on the FSC....I dropped off AR parts to Dean(Owner) Yesterday for his last minute preps for shotshow on the piston upper conversion (I have one of the conversions on a Bushmaster barrel upper and Rock River upper)...he showed me the new FSC for AK's 7.62x39 (Communist bloc thread).....I am definitely going to add that one to my PWS inventory(Gotta have one item!) Kz
drop me an email. I'll get a spring to you.
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