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Hello boys!

I have some used parts for sale again. I have 1 used op rod assembly and 6 used new-style bolt assemblies. All parts have been inspected for reliability and soundness, and have been cleaned and re-phosphated. Warranty will still apply to these parts as well.

The bolts are $50 each. Normal price for these is $100, so you save a good chunk. It's ideal for those with old style bolts that don't want to spent a lot on an upgrade.

We are asking $40 for the op rod assembly. This DOES NOT include a breakdown shaft/button/recoil spring. It's just the op rod with the weights and piston in it.

If you would like any of these, contact me and I will put an order in for ya. Try to only order one of the bolts each, so everyone gets a chance. :)

The difference between the old style bolt and the new style bolt is the firing pin. The new style firing pin WILL NOT WORK in the old style bolt. You have to upgrade the whole assembly.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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