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Used XCRs

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Do any of you know of a used XCR for sale? Someone asked me about one, and I can't seem to find any. :mad:
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you're helpful! :'(
and you're evidently hormonal! :D Don't cry over people not wanting to part with their rifles.

Sure beats seeing a hundred used XCRs on the market, potentially indicating a boycott or a design flaw. :2cents:
This is uncalled for

Yes, it's a good thing that folks don't want to part with their xcrs -- but there's no need to be rude. Terra's a good friend to xcr owners.


If they can't find a used one, give em my name, I'll look after them! :tiphat:

nah, cope's right... despite this whole "boycott" thing.... i can't find a single used XCR up for grabs.
good. :)

Roy.... this guy doesn't want to buy one new and therefore support Mitt in some way. I was hoping I could find a used one that he could enjoy.
And therein lies the crux!

What Alex does with HIS MONEY is none of my business. Who Alex chooses to speak for is none of my business.

My boy and I were watching the history channel not too long ago, they were doing a program on the racial tensions and such that started in the '50's. He was surprised to see the hatred and open violence of the k-k-k-klub.

That opened the door for a learning experience. I got to explain that no matter how disgusting we personally feel about someone's First Amendment right, we have a civic responsibility to protect their freedom of political speech. If we want to enjoy our liberties, then we must preserve them - fruits aren't grown on mountaintops, they're grown in the valleys. Protection of liberties is often done at the 'lowest levels'.

The cool thing is - and I give myself much of the credit - my kid is so smart and deep that he understood that sometimes good citizens like us have to stand up for the rights of scum to spew hate-speech. And trust me on this one, the Founding Fathers had political speech (and donations ARE exercising political free speech!) MUCH more in mind than hate-speech, or today's pornography.

If Alex wants to donate money to a socialist with aspirations of grandeur, that's HIS business. NOT MINE.

Needless to say, I won't donate money to any socialist, but by attempting to force Alex to not do so is completely un-American. Eh! It's exactly - EXACTLY - the same tactic the socio-communists have used in this country for decades. I won't do that.

Now the only thing that IS my business is the quality of the product. If I see a better product out there, Alex ain't getting my money! Until something better comes along though, Alex EARNED my money, and therefore has the RIGHT - God given entitlement! - to spend it however he cares to.

I think Alex and I could come to a wonderful agreement: I won't attempt to coerce him into not donating to a socialist, he won't attempt to coerce me into not donating for a Constitutionalist ;D And that, boys and girls, is how adults act in a proper society!

With that having been said, Terra, how is my new carbine coming along? >:D
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Alex has the right to speak his mind, and the guy has the right not not buy Alex's product...

...but that stance is ridiculous, considering the guy buys products every day from people who wish to ban firearms entirely. All of us do; its unavoidable... that is what happens when we all participate in the same economy. Likewise, anti-gunners buy products from me, and I spend thousands of dollars on gun stuff. Such is the way of the world.

So, lets see. The guy probably buys Chevron gas and many other products sold by people who hate our whole country, but thats not a problem for him. What he's going to do instead of worry about that, is boycott a guy who:

1) Sells evil rifles
2) Sells them directly to civilians
3) Sells them exclusively to civilians
4) Has carefully thought out his reasons for backing his man, and that man happens to be someone other than who Jimbo wants to win, so, boycott.

Ah yes... the logic there is stunning. Stunning indeed.
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Have you checked gun broker its got like 4-6... http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/SearchResults.asp
This XCR over here is not for sale.

I have to admit, at first I was a kinda upset Alex supported Mitt, but I am over it now. I still hate Mitt and hope he loses, but Alex has the right to support whoever he wants, that's what this country is all about. Also if you dig deep enough on anything there will be some kind of dirt. So you will eventually end up boycotting everything ;)

8) <===== Still waiting for those 20/25/30 round 76239 Cproduct mags so I can get that AK kit.
Bravo, Bravo :clap:

Well said, and I agree with you in Principal. ;D and

Terra, my hat is off to you :tiphat: for still trying to help a guy who has been so mean to you!
If Mitt gets the nod there will be a lot of people happy to see his modified 2nd Amendment statement. I feel like Alex might of had an impact there.

Don't get me wrong, I don't trust Mitt and don't believe him, but at least we have a position that is far better than the left. We'll have to find a way to hold him to it.

Actually people should be getting more worked up about Heller and the types of Justices the next president will appoint.
I was on ARFCOM the other day. The thread was XCR vs SIG 556,
It turned into a hate/boycot Robarm.
One guy said he was selling his and there was a few +1 comments. Buy these cheap.

IMHO it seem like the people that trash the XCR would never buy one anyway.
I am an Engineer and love the innovation in this rifle. Every other rifle I see is a remake of old technology.
I could trash the SIG here but I won't.

Politicians are politicians; grow up and accept it! :tiphat: <- candidate smiling while he steals you blind.
Politicians are politicians; grow up and accept it! :tiphat: <- candidate smiling while he steals you blind.
That's NOT what needs to be done!

Accepting criminals is no way to combat them - all that is required for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.

I espouse a slightly different tactic:

Gallows, politician, noose. Some assembly required.

Seriously, if we started treating treason as treason, and started holding politicians accountable for what they did, then we wouldn't be in the mess we're in today.

But that would require an active, involved, and non-indifferent population in this country. As long as the 401K stocks are doing well and the residents of this country can buy more cheap chicom junk, they're satisfied to sell our history and country down the river. For another $15 pair of chicom tennis shoes.
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I took an oath to defend the country against all Enemies both foreign and domestic. Seems we pay lip service to the domestic part.

But no, I don't have any used XCRs and have those guys at ARF were never planning on getting one anyway.
Aziator, you and I took the same oath.

The thing that twists me is how someone can swear that they will uphold the Constitution, when they've either never read it or had read it so long ago they have no functional understanding of what is contained therein.

Yes. A few public executions for treason, subversion of the Constitution, and politicians run out of office for dereliction of duty and not abiding by their oaths of office would go a LONG ways towards restoring this functional democracy to a Republic.

Unfortunately, I don't see things getting better - but I do see them getting worse in short order. For me and mine, 2008 will be known as the year of beans, bullets, and bandaids.
I am with you Bravo on the beans, bullets and bandaids. I have a reasonable start on the bullets really need to store away more beans and bandaids. :shtf:

What Bravo said. I think he did a better job of expressing a view that I attempted several times on other threads.

A fine old american political tradition I'd like to see make a comeback is tar and feathering. Most appropriate when dealing with two (or more) faced politicians. That and code duello. More than a few "journalists" could do with a trip to the sandbar some Saturday morning.

Yes, I'm feeling combative this morning. It's going to be a good day, I think.
um.. beans!? ???
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