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Well went to some family members land about 30min from Junction, TX. I was eager to fire my XCR, but since I spent 1400 on the rifle I didn't have much money to play with. I went ahead and purchased 200 rounds of monarch ammunition from academy (green box) I was a little skeptical buying cheap ammunition especially since I never fired the rifle.

Well it performed flawlessly. I fired rapid and slow mode never hiccuped it was nice and smooth. I wanted to find some hogs, but never saw a single one, but I saw plenty of evidence that they were around. They even came around and took a s**t on my front porch Sat. night. :D they are elusive creatures.

Any tips hunting hogs would be appreciated.

IIRC monarach is made in russia at the Ulyanovsk plant. they make fine ammuniton and are a manufacturer for the russian military (tula/wolf is civilian only). ULY has a good reputation and i would expect the ammo to perform well. (comparatively) figure it capable of 3-4moa
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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