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Vickers 2 Point Sling

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I use a Vickers VCAS 2-point on my xcr, and I really like it so far. It's mounted to a Daniel Defense qd rail mount and then looped on my ctr stock.

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I like it....

I may have to pick one up....who has good deals on Vicker Slings ? ;D
That's almost the identical setup on my XCR except I use one of Blue Force Gear's QD ring mounts. I haven't had any experience using it in the field yet.

For those of us with the factory folder. Does anyone have a good suggestion on what setup to use?
I just ordered one of these Vickers 2 point slings ;D

Instead of the Daniel Defense qd rail mount i got a Midway Industries #08 HD Sling Mount (Heavy Duty) QD.

I'll get a picture of it once it arrives.

I think I need one or two... who has the best prices ??
for the guys that wanted to know where to get these the cheapest, I searched around and Operation Parts was the best. They had v fast shipping as well.

I got my Vickers slings (I have two, one each for the FAL and the XCR) and got great service from Blue Force gear. http://www.blueforcegear.com/slings.cfm

Yesterday was my first change to shoot the XCR with the rear sling QD attached and discovered a minor issue. I had mine attached to the ring on the lower receiver and definitely found that the charging handle interfered with it. I didn't have the sling on, just the QD part attached to the ring. It didn't stop the rifle from firing or operating properly but it was hit by the handle and swung around which was quite annoying when you're in a good cheek weld position. I may try it with the sling attached which might keep it out of the way of the operating handle. I'm also thinking I'll move it to the ring on the folding stock and try that as well next time.

BTW, I also discovered that it's hard to wear cans on your ears and shoot with the XCR's folding tube stock. The first time I shot it I was wearing some in-the-ear plugs but didn't have them with me this time.
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yeah moving to the attachment point to the stock should pose no problems, as you wont likely be carring the gun slung and folded very often.

I usually use the foamy in-ear polugs myself, but I did try some peltors with the divot shape notched out of the lowr part of the earpeice the other day versus some full oval shaped ones and the divot does make a bit of a difference and allows a better (if not perfect) seal to the head whilst shouldring the weapon. I may fork over the $70 to try these out.
I have a pair of custom molded earplugs that you can get at almost all gun shows. They work really well, in fact too well. When I'm wearing them I can't really hear conversations so if I'm around people like at a IDPA match I've gone back to the cans. Unfortunately my set is falling apart and I need to get a new set. I'm trying to research the electronic versons with noise cutoff.
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