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I can not believe this guy!

1. I purchase MI sights from him. HE SENDS THE SIGHTS BEFORE HE CASHED MY CHECK!

2. When the sights come in the mail they are WAY over packed. I nearly broke a nail trying to get through all the popcorn!

3. He stated the sights where in "excellent condition". This was a LIE! I would rate them at "PERFECT"

4. He sold these sights to me WAY TO CHEAP, HE SHOULD HAVE ASKED MORE!

Man am I steamed!

Well, I wanted to alert other members to the dangerous actions of this man. I would hate to think any member would suffer the above injustices because I did not mention something.

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damn that tzoid! LOL

I was all ready to flame you when i saw this topic...... :p :D
what a jerk :mad:

lex, time to wield the banhammer!

;) :p ;D
Well that just about sums up the quality of the people on this forum! Shocking.....
lex, time to wield the banhammer!
He is such a trouble maker! He makes me feel guilty that I wait until checks are cashed before I send stuff out!

For this kind of attitude I think he should be banned from here too! :rapidfire: :freedom:

Such nerve!


Talk of banning me from another Forum ??? :dontknow:

Marc... Enjoy the sights and I appreciate your kind words
I put them on (finally) they look great!
That is Great that we can trust members of this forum....may I say in sterling99's case you can continue to send items before receiving the funds....his word has always been good....Gramps96
Are you Nuts ??

Marc is a Used Car Salesman ... Look here is a Pic... you gotta watch him :laughposter:

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And I thought I got all those pics of me off the internet!

and by the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I am NO LONGER in the Car Business. I am now studying for the Bar exam after graduating law school.

Wait, that might be worse :)

That's great . congrats !

1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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