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Weapon Ligts??????????????????

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Does no one have any feedback on my poor little post in the "Lights" section rgarding the Pentagon Weapon Light/Laser system? ???
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Since I'm not currently in the military and planning on a deployment anywhere near the "sharp end" it just seems like a lot of weight up front with limited usage. I have a plethora of good SureFire lights of various types and in my civilian mode, they allow me to see what went bump in the dark without having to point a rifle at it. Now the laser might be a different situation.
I don't have any of the bigger lighting units...I have a tlr1 that shares time on my pistols and xcr. It is suitable for distances that I'd encounter for home defense. I'd definitely look into some of the systems from pentagon or surefire etc if I had to do any social work with the rifle.
I use one of the new 9v g3's with the z49 tailcap and am quite pleased with it. For the price it is as bright as anything else I have seen and has decent battery life. If I was going overseas and might actually shoot more, I would invest in the shock isolated bezel.

The non isolate bezel has always made it through night fire trainings (usually a couple of hundred rounds) but if I could not go to the store, my patrol car, the pd to get a spare bulb I would want the extra insurance.

Mounted in a viking tactics mount, it sits tight, and the tail cap is right above my thumb yet pretty well guarded from accidental light discharges.
Martens, Who makes the G3? Surefire???
Sorry, yes Surefire makes the G3. It is a 9v version of the G2. Both are polymer lights and pretty cheap compared to their AL lights. We are getting close to 10 of them in use here and so far in a couple of years no complaints. Granted, they spend more time getting banged around trunks on patrol and searching buildings than shooting, but they always work, don't eat batteries real quick and I've only had to replace 1 bulb.
When I think about it, I spend more time using my M3 than I do my rechargeable Maglite. It's always handy on my belt, it's not heavy, and I can get rid of it in a hurry back on my belt if needed.
How are you using your M3. If on a pistol, wait until you get a holster that takes the gun and light together. Before they let us change holster carry them seperate was a pain. It never failed you would mount it on the handgun and then have to holster and your stuck taking things apart.

I can't imagine ever working LE again without a light mounted on the pistol 24/7.

I have a Tac holster that allows me to carry the M3 mounted on my pistol, but my Class A uniform I have to carry it on my belt on a slip on type holder. It's cool as I have got used to putting it on, and taking it off quickly.

Have you found that the only draw back (if you can call it that) is when you draw down on someone with your light on, and mounted, they can't see that they had better comply or else loose their...................? Well lets go on shall we?

No I do like the handsfree weapons light, especially when you are doing a building search and you don't know who/what's there.
I haven't had a problem in regard to the "perps" point of view. They have always gotten the point. I have the M6 so that may help.

You should have been around here when we tried to get the holsters approved for class A carry. We got one in clarino for T&E and the road guys loved them. There was a couple that didn't like the look of them and especially the old chief. They were "ugly." Anyway, there was many a heated argument over switching.

I haven't heard of one incident where a citizen asked about the new holster or made any comments.

With the new chief we got open carry of pistol and I started carrying my OD tactical XD and it was a couple of months before anyone noticed that I had a different gun and holster and that was a tow driver who is in to shooting.

I give our new chief a lot of credit in that he realizes cops can be our own worst enemies with respect to change.

Stay safe out there.
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