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Well I have a bit of a problem on my hands...

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My safe is full. :ninja:

I've never been in this situation before. I don't know what to do.
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I bought another safe.

Fair warning..... once you have so many, and figure out that you don't run rounds through many over the course of a year (or two) - you may end up doing what I did!

I sold many, and used that money to turn quantity into quality.

The down side is, once you get used to not buying 'off the rack', you get spoiled >:D
why don't you just go ahead and send me some of those... i will take as many as you want off of your hands. :D
Terra, Are you trying to get unregistered weapons for your Safari into your neighbors garden? Please don't shoot their cats. ;D
I don't shoot animals. Just neighbors. ;D
Yes Terra, just make a list of what you need, and I'll mail it right on over. :eek:
Bwahahahahaha. :D

I want a Beretta Px4 Storm...

Then I can be sneaky... >:D
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I have the full-size PX4 9mm, but I have been lusting after the subcompact. Good choice Terra. 8)
Terra, Why carry a Berreta 9, when you can carry a.40 Glock Sub-compact? :2cents:
Don't worry Terra, most special forces use the 9mm. A small bullet in the right place is better than a big bullet in the wrong one. I really like the Beretta too and will get one when it's out. Probably in 9mm too.
Already got a Sig 226 Blackweater in 9mm.
So do I! And a P226ST in .40 along with a P220ST. All sweet shooters. The nice thing is all three fit the same holsters and manual of arms.
I only own 1 sig, a 228 in 9mm. Nice shooting gun and was my EDC until my new 1911 came along.
Hold onto that P228, they're getting hard to find.
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