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went to the 2008 auto show...

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Couple of my favs.,

The new Ford Ranger. Although all of their trucks are lookin quite sexy this year, I prefer something smaller. The ranger isn't too bad... although you get the same economy in the new F150. wtf?

Not much has changed for Porsche, but I still like 'em.

And mmmm, mmm, mm... Mustang. :inlove:

The Pontiac Solstice, strangely, looks like a much, much better Saturn Skye. On the outside, at least.

The Chevy Camero... no commentary needed. :inlove:

And of course... My #1 favorite... (Marc knows this.. haha)
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Nice, I had a Lotus Elise for the weekend...wouldn't you know that it was too cold to take the top off.
They had a bunch of different lotus elises there, different colors... it was like looking at a row of skittles. Unfortunately, by then, my camera had run out of battery. These are only a few of the tons I took. :)
Thanks, for sharing. Nice pics.
If you like trucks, my 2004 Dodge 3/4 4x4 gets over 17mpg overall and that's better than 75% towing my 31ft Holiday Rambler.  Think Diesel.  Same gas mileage as the little toy you were sitting in and a lot more room.  Here's an example on top of Vail Pass with my previous trailer.

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Yep, I have a Chevy 2500HD and a Ford Excursion, Both diesel. The Excursion is getting around 20 MPG hand calculated, the chevy not as much (dang 7 inch lift and 35's). I probably wont ever buy a non-diesel vehicle again (except for the occasional motorcycle).
Yeah, they're amazing. I've seen better than 25mpg on level highways when not towing. And I can tow the trailer up Eisenhower and Vail pass on cruise control at full posted speed limits. The average of over 17 mpg is over the full 35,000 miles I've got on it so far, and as I said better than 75% of the time I'm towing or playing in 4x4 mode.
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