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What are the odds of a 22LR conversion kit?

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Just wondering if something like that was coming down the pike or not.

Found a course I'd like to go to..... 12 days, $3K, 8500 rounds of 5.56 NATO, 1750 rounds of pistol ammo.

Besides eating mac & cheese, beans, and rice, a 22LR conversion unit would probably help out. Either that or a sign on the side of the freeway that says "WILL WORK FOR AMMO".

Any thoughts of creating one?
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I know I would also be interested in this as well.
I had one for my mini 14 and even though it didin't work 100%, it sure was nice for cheap practice. I would be in for one.
These are definitely out there for the AR. I figure anyone who really wants one would have one for an AR by now, or could buy one easily (I'd like to try one someday; just haven't got around to it). I doubt the market for XCR .22 conversions is big enough to develop one. Since this is something that is readily available on a much more common platform, personally I'd like to see RA's development work go into fielding some of the other promised stuff first.
If available I would buy a .22, 9mm and .45 tomorrow. I enjoy shooting all 3 and would love to have an XCR shooting just one of those.
Yeah, I have to admit I'd like to see a conversion kit in a cheaper round.

7.62x39 is going be a big hit IMHO.

22LR would probably be a bit easier on the neighbors ears and wallet

What's the 12 day course you are going on for 3K???
Aussie - that course is looking more like a pipe dream right now. I added up the expense for the ammo, and that's as much as the tuiton.

I'm used to spending the typical $1200 to $1800 for a course every year (plus ammo, gear, lodging, etc), so I thought MAYBE I could stash an extra $100 per month for the tuition. With the ammo money...... I don't see being able to stash $300+ per month.

Anyway, it's a combat medic course for 'overseas contractors'.
Sounds pretty cool!

Would you run the XCR?
A .22 conversion would be lots of fun. So would pistol calibers.

then again, pretty much any conversion I can shoot cheaply sounds phenominal right now.

Bravo, think about how much your costs would change for that course if you could run 5.45/7.62x39 :)
Would I run the XCR? You bet.
I've got a date to run the XCR at a doorkicker class in '08 already...... I figured 'what the heck'. Did the same in '06, and it held up NICELY.

You know, I'll be honest - I'd want to run the 7.62 Soviet for a while before the class, just to figure out what the recoil is like. Normally I'm not wimpy on recoil, but then again I don't normally fire just under 1000 rounds per day - 12 days in a row.

Maybe in 5.45 ;) I've talked at lenght with Marc Krebs, he LOVES that caliber. I've got a lot of respect for what he's got to say....
Sounds like Tactical Response...

I'm going to start with their pistol classes one day and then move on to rifle. Maybe as soon as March.
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