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What do you guys think of Big Bore AR's?

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I figured what the hell, just picked one up. I should have not bought it but I could not resist. I needed a caliber for Bears and Trolls like the ones you see in "Lord of the Rings."

The Bushmaster .450 Caliber Upper Assembly (includes Free-Float Forend and 5 Round .450 specific Magazine) 1 X 24” Twist, Chrome Lined Heavy Barrel— flat-top Upper, 3 rail gas block, no sights. Bushmaster Upper Receiver/Barrel Assemblies offer the benefit of years of AR15/M16 design, materials and finish improvements. These assemblies are all factory headspaced, test fired, and shipped completely ready to use. They include charging handle, bolt and bolt carrier assemblies, handguards and forend.

Regular Price: 0.00

Tax Time Price: 2.00

Here is a video on the Bushmaster .450

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Im saving up for a 458 socom myself. I think they are cool. I have a RR lower waiting for it. Let me know how you like it when you get some trigger time. I like the concept of a 200 and under cqb power house.

I think they are great, however I also think they need a purpose built magazine, from scratch, with much more rigid sides. This to address the way a single stack cartridge pushes the standard magazine feed lips outwards from the inner edges of the lips, rather than up and out at a lower location on the lip, like a smaller cartridge that fits under the left or right feed lip.
Price seems a little steep at the local gun show they were selling the complete rifle with a Magpul Precision stock and two magazines, bipod and hard case new in box for 1100. I have a friend who ordered the BOHICA Arms 50 BMG Conversion kit for an AR15, I will post a review when it comes in and I have had some trigger time.
I am very familar with the .50 Beowulf, and it is pretty cool. A good friend and I spend a good bit of time fiddling around with loads for it.
There is something magical about shouldering a small 16' Carbine with collaspable stock, taking aim at a cloth covered 10x10x18 ballistic gel, and watching it split open on both the y and x axis as the round blazes through! Amazing power!
Though if I was going to pick one up I would look hard at the .458 SOCCOM. The Beowulf might have a edge in raw power in good handloads, but I think the SOCCOM offers a bit more options and be a tad more reliable in feeding.
Though I can't speak for the .458 as I have never handloaded anything in that caliber, I will say the Beowulf brass from AA is absolutely awesome. I believe Lapua makes it for them, but I am not certain.

My .02
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