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What lube is it?

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I had a repair come in recently, and the rifle had a very sweet smell. I really liked it. Any ideas on what kind of lube it is?
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Break Free Powder Blast cleaner smells like lemons and will still have the smell even after you lube it.
It's more flowery than lemony...
Sounds strange to me. What was this guy doing with his XCR? :eek:
I dunno... but it sure smells purty. ;D
When I used to race motorcycles, my pit buddy Art use to use this strawberry scented 2-stoke oil, so whenever he fired her up, the exhaust would put a stawberry scent in the pit area... was pretty cool actually ;D
Terra that smell may be Eezox. My wife even says it smells good. Eezox is a cleaner, lube and protectant. It won tests against several other well known gun lubes in a "rust test". Wish I could remember where to find the link for those test results. :-\
Could be G96, that's the one my wife likes. You ladies are a trip sometimes.... WTF? Just because it smells good doesn't mean it works! :duh: My wife bought me a can for Christmas. ;D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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