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What Unit is this?..........

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....And where do I sign up!

How many beers is the beer drinking qual course?


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Thats San Miguel Beer from the Philippines! ;D :duh: :2cents: I have drank MANY a bottle of that. It's a Special Ops Outfit graduation. MABUHAY :clap: :party: :thanks:
Apparently the puss in the fifth row doesn't care too much for it. That, and some other lightweight 3rd column about 4th row looks like he's about to hurl.

"in cadence, drink"
I did one of those 'around the world beer drinking club' things back in college. At least one beer from every country on earth - many times several beers from a country.

While some were surprisingly good, there were several that were what I'd describe as 'putrid'.

Obviously we've all got personal tastes, but Philipino beer ain't on my personal buy list.
Painted Label San Miguel, many bottle of that has passed my lips. Give me a big plate of Lumpia, some pancit and keep the beers cold and full used to be my instructions to the waitress at one of the places I used to eat. The last time I was in the PI we were getting 24 peso to the dollar, and a painted label was 4 pesos in the bar (7 if the fleet was in) and less than 2 pesos (1.75p) at the sarisari store, a great time was easily achieved with 20 dollars. Maybe a little more if you decided to splurge on a LBFM.

Yes I agree, the LBFMs were bloody wonderful!!! I remember when 20 pesos was $5.00. A brew was 12 cents at the Sari-Sari store. A steam & cream during ones lunch hour was not uncommon. Most of my time was at Clark, Camp O'Donnel & John Hay AB (with NO runway?). But I did enjoy at Subic & Grande Island several times. There were two San Miguel factories at the time. If the bottle said Manila it was Piss. I think the other factory was at Bulican, and tasted great. Different water I guess. If you were at Subic remember the Zamballias Mountain range? I used to hunt Deer, Wild Boar, and birds there. Both Clark and Subic side of the mountains. :party: :toast: Mag beer mona towyou (spelling bad).
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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