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What's the appeal of a Short Barrel Rifle? Don't you loose long range accuracy and muzzle velocity? Isn't the 16" barrel short enough for close combat?

I'm just curious.

Any MK18 or Colt commando will make Marine Corps 500 yard qual, not that it matters because if you want range an SBR is the wrong tool

Muzzle Velocity is a big deal with M855 and M193 ammunution, in accordance with Hague rules governing warefare, that is what our military uses. Personally I use 75gr TAP, and most LEO agencies use something other than M855 and M193. The military uses MK262 as well.

Ballistic testing with 75gr and 77gr ammo and SBR weapons have shown excellent results. In addition, taking kill house CQC training is easier with SBR's.

This puppy has seen a couple of entry level classes in a different configuration. Swing it around a few times indoors and the joys of SBR's will manifest

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