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What's the latest news?

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Hey Terra, any updated info on when the 7.62 X 39 versions will be available? ???
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Alex is shooting for January... it may be late February, just to caution you. You know how it goes. When they're up for ordering on the website, you'll know they're really close.
Thanks for the quick response Terra! ;)
Will a short barrel be quick to get when the new caliber becomes available, or will it take longer to get the SBR barrel?
It's a quick as you can cut that sicker off with a saw! hehehehe

Just kidding!
I really want a x39 XCR. I impatiently waited for the first XCRs to come out. I broke down and purchased a Colt Match. But, now that I have one of those evil black rifles ;D I can wait for this one.
Dear Customers:

We're thankful for your patience. C-Products has really been slow to get things going. They keep putting us off. They now say they'll have us samples before the Shot Show which is the first of February.

We're not waiting any longer. We've started production of the parts for the 7.62x39mm rifle and conversion kits. We can obtain 7.62x39mm 10 round magazines right now. Also, certain states can only have 10 anyway. So, we're going to start selling them now. C-Products doesn't have them by Shot Show (1st of Feb.), we'll make them ourselves. We have made high capacity magazine which work.


Alex J. Robinson
Robinson Armament Co.

Thank you for this update. This has been eagerly awaited by a lot of people on this forum and I'm sure the conversion, and rifle will do well.

WHOO FRIKKEN HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now to place the order.

Aussie send me a PM with price for full upper 7.62x39 and full rifle 7.62x39 with the following:

16" heavy barrel, RA muzzle brake not perm attached, folding/collapsing stock, rail cover set, no BUIS.

Would I be able to get a better price through you or would it be the same as buying direct from Robarms for just a conversion kit? >:D
oh man, I really need to get my sbr paperwork done...

I will look after you being a "return Customer" ;D
I am expecting a nice tax return that I could use to fund this, will talk when it gets closer to being a done deal.

PM message sent!


yes get your paper work done and join the SBR clan!

Just a tease!
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oh man, I really need to get my sbr paperwork done...
I 2nd THAT. And then do some :rapidfire:
Another tease for you guys who need to get your paperwork in!

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I wish I hadnt quit my job now, because I really want a 7.62X39 SBR, but I did it for a cause...
Another tease for you guys who need to get your paperwork in!

That's just not fair. I'll need lot's o $$$$$ For ammooooo. :hopmad:
I got a wooden crate now all I need is the ammo to fill it with!!
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