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Who all has placed an order for the 7.62 conversion and or 7.62 rifle???

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I put mine in on 12/25. ;D ;D ;D
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I am very surprised there have not been more replies??? :-\ :-\ :-\
Thinking stongly about it, but waiting to get my tax info to make sure I don't owe a bundle like last year.
I need to see a 30 round MAG., get relialably report, & price of such MAG. first.
Just waiting on my tax return then I will have one.
I have ordered the conversion kit and after speaking to Alex,they should be released the end of January or the beginning of February. ;D ;D
My wife said "no more guns this year." >:D
2008 It's mine. ;D
Kippjones and Sigforall : I just found the printout of my order for the 7.62 conversion kit.I placed my order on 12/12/07.What was your order ID # ?.Mike
My order request is in to Roy at Aussie Arms.
Mine was confirmed by Terra via email and I have no order number.
As far as I was informed, RobArm is not yet set up for giving out order numbers for these conversion kits. It's not yet in their computer system.
Aussie Arms,I ordered my 7.62 x39 conversion kit off RA website on 12/22/07 and they gave me the order ID #.On 12/26/07 Terra sent me an e-mail she would log in my order.Mike!!
Mine was confirmed by Terra via email and I have no order number.
We do have the 7.62x39mm kits on our system. You can order on line or by calling. We'll take your order for February Delivery.

yeah ooh, :rockon: Just ordered mine. :rapidfire: NEED AMMO & MAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does any one known where we can pick-up extra mag's or is it to early ?.
If you want the 10 rounders, they can be got, but wait until after shot show and there will be all sorts of goodies released for us to play with!
Roy have you heard anything about the Magpul stock ?.
They have been released, but not in any quantity. No distributors have them yet.

Everything I ask for that's new or realitively new I get the same answer. "Were waiting to release it at the 2008 Shot Show"

After the show I say we will see a big influx of new goodies, like clear/smoked P-mags, stocks etc.....
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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