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Why we all love the TSA

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pretty accurate description of those clowns...
Since I fly almost every week and go through TSA twice for each trip, I'll be laughing inside next Monday on my next trip.
I will be looking for those guys tomorrow on my way to Spokane
My brother looks more like his ID then you'd think possible, I look nothing like mine. TSA lady checks our IDs lets us by, then she grabs my brothers shirt pulls him back, asks for his ID again, Say's my brother doesn't look like his ID but lets us go... SO weird because his is SO unmistakeably him... she looked like a trucker lady, I hate trucks as a general rule... Stuipd, Stinky, Loud, Rude, Ignorant Assholes for the most part.
I will be looking for those guys tomorrow on my way to Spokane
Watch out for those morons in Spokane. One time I flew out and decided that I check my duty gun instead of flying armed. I was tired and wanted to sleep on th eplane ride. Anyways I went up there told the airline counter person that I was checking a gun in my baggage. I know the drill.

They set it aside and some TSA guy has me stand by, searches my bag as if there was a bomb, asks for my ID, and as he repacks it he packs it like crap risking that the bag may open up, just stacks it and not pack it so the lid closes w/o pressure. I asked him what was he doing and he does the "Sir, stay back" I shot back telling him "I showed you my ID you know who I am". He say "I don't care". I told him stop the search, I decided to fly arm. He just ignored me. I told him again, "Get away from my bag right now!." He stops and looks at me. I grab my bag went back in fron of the counter strapped on my gun in front of everybody and told the counter person I will now be flying armed thanks to that TSA boob and showed him my ID. The guy heard me.

I've checked in guns before. Since TSA now checks it they usually just have you open the bag and show them that it's unloaded and in a locked hard case. There really don't seem to follow a uniform standard anywhere. I've had other issues with them before like the time I flew armed at Seattle and the idiot made me go through the detector. I was trying to discretely show him my ID and tell him that I had to be sent to the side and sign in. He insisted that I go through and I did. He and I found out metal detectors alarm ring louder when you carry a gun. When all the TSA boobs surround me finally one saw the ID I was holding and said, "Oh" and sent me over to the side where we sign in w/the APPD officers.
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That's the spirit i303.
If I was there I would have applauded.

I have not had any problems with TSA folks. Except for the time I forgot to take my laptop out of the bag. The attitude was "you dumb shit" ; but, his words were very professional. I don't forget about that laptop anymore. :hopmad:

One time they thought I had a hand grenade. They were trying hard to hold in their laughter when they found out it was a Judo medal my son had won.
Lets remember that for the better part of security the government uses the lowest bidder. Our base security (gate guards) have changed between 3 different "companies" in just about as many years. I asked one of the ladies one day how often she was able to shoot her issue Beretta and she looked at me like I had something growing out of my forehead. She said she never shoots and doesn't plan on starting. These "gate Guards" are the ones that are supposed to keep our Army bases secure???
I was flying from New Hampshire to Chicago with my daughter once and the TSA found the swisstool in the diaper bag which I had been searching for for months. Needless to say that was $80 out the window because I was not going to go back to my car and wait in line again (I have a 2 year old who has the patience of a 2 year old.)
I can kindof sortof comprehend not letting folks carry guns on the plane or other things that can poke a whole but knives? I thought they had added secure doors to the cockpits, if they are concerned about folks carrying 3 inch blades on board they may want to beef up those doors ???
The idea of terrorist using box cutters, or a full blown knife, was rendered obsolete on 9/11/2001.

The American mentality up until 9/11 was "Give them what they want. Don't resist or you will provoke them. I will do nothing to upset them because I don't want to get hurt". And the high jackers played it very well for the first 3 planes. Once the passengers of flight 93 found out what was the intent and knew that they would died if they didn't kill them, all of the sudden getting slashed wasn't such a concern. I believe there were a few other instances of crazy passengers being killed by a bunch of other passengers since then.

I think anyone trying to gain control of an airline these days just asked to be killed by the rest of the passengers. Now add a bunch of pissed of passengers that just had to deal with TSA bafoons. And I really don't know where they find the folks who work for TSA. I do remember what it used to be. At some airports you would have a hard time finding a screener that spoke English like at La Guardia and JFK.

For boxcutters up to a 3" knife don't scare me that much. Perhaps if taken by surprise, yes. A bat to me is a deadlier weapon. My 2nd year as a cop I chased some some drunk idiot shoplifter in to a driveway. He turns around and reaches in his pocket. That scared the shit out of me as I beginning to back up and unholster my gun. He pulls out a box cutter on me. My adreleline was already kicked in but as he beat me to a draw and pulled out a cutter I was extremely pissed I was resolved to hurt him. Technically the guy threatened me with deadly force but I didn't pull my gun out.

During this whole ordeal the only time I yelled anything at him was when I initially called his attention and yelled for him to stop as he began to run. The rest was done without a word between the two of us. I snatched out my ASP baton and closed in expecting to get cut. That's the infantryman in me, it never goes away. I know that I was supposed to hit his hand or arm with the cutter but I said f-it and clobbered him on the side of his cranium right behind his ear. Had this been the middle ages it would have been a swift head chopping with a sword. I might have subconciously been thinking back to my days at the bayonet course (no longer taught) thinking "I am the spirit of the bayonet, kill, kill, kill" as I was doing that. There are just somethings that are not taught at the PD academy. Home run, he dropped like a sack of potatoes. I was so pissed I thought I killed him but I didn't care because he obviously was already intent to use deadly force. Unfortunately he didn't die. Nor did he sustain any life threatening injuries.

Striking the head is a big no-no and that is considered deadly force. I could have easily explained that I tried to strike his hand and missed hitting his head instead...orrrr I could have just pulled my gun out and shot him in the chest. It all turned out well as I just took his dumb ass to the hospital and he got checked out and booked. He also was charged for assault 3rd degree, a gross misdemeanor, and not attempted murder, and I was Ok with that. After I did exactly what I intended to do which was getting satisfaction by nailing the crap out of him with one single hit as his legs turned to cooked spaghetti and he went down and whacked the other side of his head on the pavement. It was classic.

I was younger, quicker and stronger then and it was dumb. Now I would have just plugged him and call it a day. So the idiot was lucky AFAIC.

So it was a complete surprise, shock, and horror when I heard about how the planes were high jacked. I though to myself I don't know if I would let some turd hold a box cutter at me not while I'm capable to defend myself.

So now TSA dweebs hassle us at the airports, removing nail clippers, little objects, water, and stupid stuff to say the least all in the interest of public safety when we all know anyone who would try to high jack a plane EVEN WITH A GUN, probably just asked to be killed.

Next time you guys ride a plane look around and see what can be used as a weapon. I guarantee a felon who spent hard time would find a lot.

You gotta wonder why the high jackers didn't try that crap on Southwest Airlines.
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Next time you guys ride a plane look around and see what can be used as a weapon. I guarantee a felon who spent hard time would find a lot.
You mean like limbs? A person with enough training and some adrenaline can do some amazing things with just their limbs ;)

What about a fire extinguisher? Or one of those 10lb laptops? It would hurt to have one hurled at your head or just plain smashed on your head. The possibilities are endless.

I think if our government truely wanted to protect people they would have long ago hired Troy Hurtubise to construct a suit for every man, woman and child in America (maybe make it fire proof as well). Then everyone would be ordered to stay home... permanently. I think this would significantly reduce violent deaths in this country, just not letting anyone leave their homes would have a huge cut on deaths due to motor vehicle accidents. ;D
Next time you guys ride a plane look around and see what can be used as a weapon. I guarantee a felon who spent hard time would find a lot.
You mean like limbs? A person with enough training and some adrenaline can do some amazing things with just their limbs ;)

What about a fire extinguisher? Or one of those 10lb laptops? It would hurt to have one hurled at your head or just plain smashed on your head. The possibilities are endless.
I think if our government truely wanted to protect people they would have long ago hired Troy Hurtubise to construct a suit for every man, woman and child in America (maybe make it fire proof as well). Then everyone would be ordered to stay home... permanently. I think this would significantly reduce violent deaths in this country, just not letting anyone leave their homes would have a huge cut on deaths due to motor vehicle accidents. ;D


State of mind and situational awareness will save your ass more so than being armed with the bestest gun eevvarr!

Time sure have changed drastically since 'my days' and let it be known 'my day' wasn't too long ago. The Pussification of the Western male is nearly complete ( http://www.theothersideofkim.com/index.php/essays/41/ ). These are the ideals that the terrorist of 9/11 relied on and it worked.

Let me say I didn't graduate high school all that long ago. It was in 1984. Before I graduated HS I already completed basic training and AIT and went active duty from '85 to '93. It was during those years a whole series of events took place that guaranteed our pussification. No more corporal punishment in schools, the elimination of the 'gun culture' ('86 and '94 not to mention various state and municipal *edited to change* rape and peversion of the 2nd Amendment). Basically the identity of a man had to be restructured and aggressiveness, a natural trait, had to go. Specially those "icky" guns. Think of the children!

As luck would play it, I was spared that forced indoctrination as I spent those years in the Army as a grunt learning to be better at aggressiveness, as in a better killer, because the reality of it all we are all natural killers. I got a boatload of hands on weapons training, tactics, some real world experience, and so on. I immediately went in to LE right out of the military and got full blown exposure to the "final phase". And that was "sensitivity" enlightment, diversity (of how I hate that word-diversity basically mean anything that is white, male, and heterosexual is bad. Anything else is better), A.D.D. and that other one A.D.H.D. or was it called HDTV, I can't remember. Anything a kid now does in school which would require him to defend himself or just duke it out, they get labeled a school bully, cops come in, arrests were made, records were attached, and so on. And the final touch, metrosexualism. Metrosexualism isn't a real word but if they can just pull out 'enviromentalism' out of the thin air, so can I add 'ism' to metrosexual.

So is it a wonder as to why we see these Columbine events occurr? Now VT and NIU! Young males made to suppress their aggressiveness all their lives until they just explode. All while we keep on becoming further disamred. So at it's pinnacle, 2001, I really noticed the lack of balls many Americans have. Or should I say suppressed, because it's just have been surpressed.

This is contrary to what men naturally are. So the high jackers knew this and capitalized on it. There have been a brief resurection post 9/11 but we are being brought down in to it again even faster than before because everything was still in place. I see it happening to my 13 y/o son. I can see the fustration in him, and he is not violent by any means, but non the less you can see it in a lot of male teen agers. Be nice, don't be rude, refuse to abuse (as in defend yourself).

Check out the latest Brinks Home Security commercial. I can't find a link to it but basically it's a couple that just moved in to a new house for the first night. Then they hear a noise. The guy asks his wife, "Should I check it out?". The guy had to ask permission? Well it goes on. Obviously he checks it out because there is some concern. No gun, no bat, not even a flashlight. I'm sure he's the ideal TSA screenie. He opens a door that leads to a set of stairs and what does he see back litted perfectly but a guy bashing in the glass door. The first thing this "actor" does was to turn around and run away. All that was missing was him screetching like a 7 year old girl. Or a salon haristylists, although I'd think that a hairstylist might scream and attack with a set of scissors.

Everytime I see that "I'm a puss" commercial I would wonder had that been me I might have had a smile on my face with a Remington shotgun bearing down on subject, and with out a word, introduce Mr. Robber as soon as he stepped in the door to Mr. 00 buck. A perfect ambush! Yes, that's the infantryman in me.

Of course the high speed brinks alarm goes off, some concerned beef cake male operator (likely a gay porn actor on the side) would immediately call the house and ask if everything OK. In reality it would have been some 42 fat lady with a smokers voice that had been on the job 7 weeks and is about to quit. The woman, and apparently the one in charge, tells him no and that someone had just tried to break in. She should have also said "And my puss of a husband just ran away like a 7 year old girl". It's no wonder infidelity by wives are at an all time high in the U.S. The Brinks operator tells her "The police are on the way". What he isn't telling them is "but it'll be about 15 minutes because he's doing a field sobriety test on a drunk driver. You know, for the interest of public safety. Think of the children. So just go ahead and lock that chinese made door knob on that light weight and hollow Home Depot door that was assembled and installed by some illegal alien using your sisters social security number illegally, err.. I meant to say cheap and all too necessary labor. They'll get to you when they'll get to you. All righty?"

So back on track with the thread, is the TSA our government answer to the Brinks Home Security in the sky? No fingernail clippers for you, but feel free to clobber them with a fire extinguisher if you'd like, of course after you sprayed him with the extinguisher to blind him. It's a continuos process to not be self reliant and that our safety are at the hands of people who are not equipped to perform any real jobs and won't even be there when the SHTF anyways.

The 9/11 high jackers wasn't about who was armed. It was about training, determination, and the #1 factor, state of mind. And that was to be aggressive. What I described in my previous post was a situation where I was aggressive enough with the possibility of deadly force. Yeah I know, why a baton in a gun fight. I really don't know but I was resolved to hurt him intentionally to the point of killing him if necessary. And what I did actually saved his lilfe. Even then, a lot more so now, that guy would have been shot. And I've had two more similar situation that arised almost identical to that one since then. I'm no special forces operator or anything. I have had some training, but I know that certain state of mind exist on nearly every single male and some females.

Da End.
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i303. That is one of the best posts on about any forum I have read in a while!+1000. I agree completely about the Brinks commercial. Ok, maybe/possibly a security system is a good first line of defense, but I have always said, where is that geeks gun when he retreats to the bedroom and jumps in his wifes arms scared to death?!
I always get an aisle when I fly. I'm not trusting my life to anyone.
I would have more respect for the Brinks guy if he ran to the kitchen and put a big knife in each hand.

I was in WallyWorld on Friday with my wife. At one point I asked her:"I you heard a gun shot, were would you go?"
Her first answer was "out the back door." I asked here were the back door is. She didn't know.
So I asked the question again. It took her about 10 seconds to figure out were to stand which was about 10 feet from where we were. And she knew why it was good to be there.

I also told her that I would disappear. I don't think she quite understood; but, she accepted that I would be doing my own thing.
I would go on the offensive wether I had my gun or not.

As for male whimpification. When I teach young boys (girls are a different topic) to spar they don't get it at first. When they figure out 'controlled aggression' it is like a weight being lifted off them. It is quite liberating for them.
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Getting back to the TSA thing with another example. I was taking a travel guitar with me as carry on once and they confiscated the 5mm allen wrench that was in the case. Never know when I might try to disassemble a Boeing 777 or Airbus 300 with an allen wrench.

It also pisses me off about the inconsistency. I have to take my C-PAP machine everywhere I go and won't trust it to checked baggage so that means taking it out of the carry case along with my computer out of my briefcase and putting them in separate plastic trays. At DEN they always will take it for a separate check after the x-ray station. At LAX and IAD they don't bat an eye at it after the x-ray. I asked the TSA folks at DEN about it and they said the LAX folks were supposed to hand check them. AT LAX I asked them and they looked at me like I was crazy.

Another example, I used to take my Sig 220 or 226 with me when I traveled to Houston because they are reciprocal with Colorado's CCW and you can shoot IDPA every night of the week somewhere in the Houston greater area. Like i303, I've found the procedures to be different at every airport. Anyway I was going on a trip that I wasn't taking my pistol but was taking a holster and some spare magazines. Since I didn't have to declare anything I decided to carry on the bag. Going through TSA they had a hissie fit about the magazines and the kydex holster. I was allowed to go back out and check the bag, but only after they filed an "incident" report. After that I downloaded and printed all the TSA regulations and every Airline's regulations about carry firearms to carry with me every time I travel. BTW, there's nothing in any of the regulations about empty magazines or holsters not being allowed in carry on, just actual firearms and ammunition.

Final example, I've travelled a lot in Europe and over there you don't have to take your computer out of the briefcase to run it through separately. Apparently the Europeans build better x-ray machines than we are capable of along with better training for their operators.

Enough said, my blood pressure probably just shot up 20 points thinking about it.
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The thing that you guys are overlooking is that the point of all of this nonsense with the TSA is not to make us safer -- it's to make us easier to control. None of the restrictive laws that have been passed since 911 have really been targted at making us safer -- just more controllable.

That was great. I'm embarrassed to say that it looked like some training I've personally attended.
-- it's to make us easier to control.
They can't control me!

I have to go do my taxes now and switch out my light bulbs.
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