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Wolf 62gr HP, Works great at #2 Setting!

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Just for the record.

Recently got some Wolf 62gr HP from Ammoman. (1000)

Took it to the range for function testing. Figured I would have to change the gas setting from it's normal setting #2.

The Wolf Ammo was stone reliable. Expended casings were thrown about 10-12 feet, not quite as far as the Federal and Remington Ammo I have been using.

Seemed fairly accurate, although I did not have time to really work that out.

Cleaning was a breeze as per normal. Chamber looked good, no residual deposits were visible.

The Wolf ammo is a go in my book, particularly with Ammo prices what they are.

Go figure.

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That has been my experience as well. I really appreciate the heavy duty bolt and extractor in the XCR. It really does the business on steel cased ammo.
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