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Well Sir,
Our new 6.8 XCR is so new, I really doubt that you will find one used anywhere. As far as new ones, there is a dealer list on here that Allie just posted, this week or last week with a dealer contact list on it. You can also try to contact RA directly, thru the web site OR pm AllieGallie or Terra and they will get up with you and let you know the current lead times and/or "if", they know of any dealer(s) that may have one in stock.
Just be patient, RA is BUSY AS BEES! Not knowing for certain sure, but I would say be prepaired to wait ninety days or so, unless you get lucky!
Congrats on getting an XCR, they are the very BEST Assault Rifle in the business!

Hello, I am on the lookout for a new or in excellent shape XCR in 6.8. Would prefer rifle to have the VLTOR stock, but different stock isn't a deal breaker. If anyone has a 6.8, has seen one presently for sale in a store, or knows where I can acquire one I would be very great full for a name and number.

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