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I agree that holsters are subjective, and depend so much on personal preference and physical stature. I've had some that rub my love handles raw, so into the box they go.

Everyone says 6+ month wait on Milt Sparks - but I called the good folks at Lightning Arms and got not one - not two - but FOUR different VM2's (not all at the same time) and they were in my mailbox within 3 days.

They will be $130 from Lightning Arms - but well worth it.


I've tried nearly EVERYTHING out there (and have a box full of holsters to prove it) and I found that IWB Versa Max II is the most comfortable I've ever worn. In fact, I'm wearing one now - have had it on since about 6AM this morning - and hardly know its there. No other IWB (that I've tried) could provide 16+ hour comfort.

I also think that the Wilderness 5 stitch is the best. The 3 stitch seems to get too flexible too soon.

I also highly recommend to anyone looking for a superior backup knife - to consider a Ka-Bar TDI (the smaller one is my preference). In fact, I have two, one setup for each side - depending on what primary CCW weapon I am carrying.

Check 'em out - you will be impressed!


I tried the metal law enforcement clip, and thought it sucked. Your experience may be better with that optional piece.

Everything else was GREAT. :2cents:
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