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I have for sale a very unique weapon. It’s a STAG ARMS MODEL 2T WITH AN ARES DEFENSE DROP IN GAS PISTON KIT. The weapon has about little over 400 rounds through it before the gas piston kit was professionally installed. The gas piston was tested with less then 5 rounds through it. This is the most up to date ares defense gas piston kit the same one used in Bushmasters piston weapon. The weapon has some marks on the front sling mount do to using a sling. Asking $1,475.00 SHIPPED TO your FFL OR BEST OFFER. (I WILL ALSO TRADE FOR A NEW EOTECH 553 PLUS cash) . Please feel free to PM or email me at [email protected]
(I only take postal money orders and certified checks)
Now you can easily retrofit your AR15 / M4 Type Carbine to add the reliability, ease of maintenance, cooler running, and consistent function of the Gas Piston Operating System that has for years been so successfully used on AKs / FALs, and others. The Bushmaster Gas-Piston Retrofit Conversion Kit is a Patent Pending, short stroke piston conversion system that includes all the necessary parts to convert your gas impingement type carbine. Once installed, there are no more gas rings, gas tubes or hot gases vented into the Receivers of your weapon. Instead, gases are vented under the hand guard, and away from the operator. The high performance Bolt Carrier features increased mass, an integral impact lug and specially designed anti-wear features to protect your receiver. The Bushmaster Gas-Piston Retrofit Conversion Kit is readily installed into your factory Upper Receiver Assembly without permanent modifications to your carbine. You keep your factory receivers, barrel and bolt. The result is a cleaner and more reliable system sure to enhance the overall performance and reliability of your weapon.

Stag Info-
5.56 Nato Chamber
Forged and Mil Spec.
16" Chrome Lined 1/9
Samson Star C Quad Rail
6 Position Collapsible
1-30 Round
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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