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WTS: S&W 4586 TSW

Gotta pay for my 7.62x39 conversion kit that arrived this week so something has to go.
S&W 4586 TSW. This is an all stainless steel .45 ACP, 3rd generation S&W DAO (Double Action Only) semi-automatic pistol with four 8 round magazines.
I had the gun bead blasted to erase some scuffs from the previous owners, one of which was probably a policeman that carried it a lot judging by the wear on the right side. I also replaced the old Hogue grips with fresh ones. The bead blasting erased most of the "45 Tactical" laser etching on the slide, but I think it looks better.

Yes, it does have a rather heavy DAO trigger pull, but it's pretty smooth and it's one of those pistols that seems to naturally make small groups. I like it and hate to see it go, but I need to pay for that kit.

Price: $475 Face To Face in the Tulsa area, add $35 for shipping from my friendly neighborhood FFL to your FFL.


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